DeSantis Calls Out the Ungrateful Nut Jobs Elon Musk Tried to Help


    The war in Ukraine is taking its toll on people. Russia has seen it strangle people’s ability to communicate and access the internet. The only thing worse than an ungrateful person begging for help and then attacking the one offering assistance. And when the people begged for help, Elon Musk came to their rescue and graciously set up his Starlink system that enabled the war-torn country to access the outside world through the internet.

    Some of the Ukrainian leaders showed their ungrateful spirit when they decided to criticize and become hostile toward Elon Musk and his gracious nature. Musk’s contribution to their country is beyond measure, and according to Ron DeSantis, they should not be taking it for granted.

    Elon Musk approached Congress and asked for compensation help to continue to provide Starlink to the Ukrainian people. His system helps their military to talk with each other and to coordinate their war efforts. The billionaire loses millions of dollars each month that the system operates over the country. His request should be honored.

    The request less than amused the greedy liberals running Washington. They and others attacked Musk in public, so he decided it would be best to withdraw his request for financial assistance.

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    The attacks from Ukrainian leaders cannot be ignored. And the Daily Wire reported that Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis made it a point to remind the leaders in Ukraine that they need to be a little more thankful for what a private citizen of the United States is doing for their country.

    DeSantis stated, “Elon Musk positioned his satellites over Ukraine and gave them these things. So, they’ve actually been using his devices to be able to defend their country, and I guess some of the people in the government were attacking Musk. And I’m just thinking to myself, ‘like he’s doing this for free, don’t bite the hand that feeds you!’ Good lord. I mean, have a little bit —, so, but I think there was like kind of that kerfuffle … but he has provided that for them for free. And if you think about it in a country that big, given what’s going on, I mean, that’s tens of millions of dollars he’s effectively donated.”

    And all some leaders can do is complain about the type of service they are getting. Ukrainian leaders begged for help from international leaders and got only silence. But along comes Elon Musk, and he willfully moves his satellite system into place to allow the military to defend the people.

    The attack on Musk came after he alluded to the fact that Russia was able to steal away part of the country. The leaders conformed to the invaders hoping that Vladimir Putin would withdraw his forces. But he will not stop until he controls every last bit of the country.

    And the fact that Musk did everything for free is a fantastic part of how much he cares for people. But when the people he is helping become ungrateful, the act of kindness must be re-evaluated.

    DeSantis pointed out that Elon Musk has given the Ukrainian people hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money. And the greedy Democrats destroying Washington are not about to help him recoup some of his losses.

    They believe that if they were to help fund the Starlink system, they would be coming to the aid of Ukraine, and Putin would be upset. And President Joe Biden cannot risk upsetting his Russian friend because he needs him to help keep America down.

    Governor DeSantis’ warning to the Ukrainian complainers should be a wake-up call to stop demanding pristine service and work harder to expel the Russian military from their borders. They will only realize how generous Elon Musk has been toward their people. Biting the hand that helps is a sorry way to show gratefulness. Should the Ukrainian people lose the Starlink system they will essentially lose the war because they will not be able to communicate with each other.

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