Democrats Dig Deep With Call for Pelosi’s Replacement


    The Democrats are up against the wall with the midterms right around the corner. Every signal tells that the liberals will lose control of the House with the turn of the year. And that has Nancy Pelosi worried. The pressure is so great in the House that many of Pelosi’s longtime supporters now demand that she step aside and let a younger version take control of the House.

    The liberals fighting to save their seats in the House think that a change of leadership will help their campaigns. The demand for a change of leadership is a last-ditch effort for them to attract voters to their side.

    Pelosi was interviewed on the “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” where she was questioned about the statements and what she thought about them. Pelosi reacted to the calls for her removal as any good Democrat would respond. She denied the seriousness of the calls and downplayed each one as a joke.

    Pelosi is content to let the rumors and demands fly as long as it helps her underlings win their respective elections. She may act like she is not worried, but how she laughed off the nervousness tells a different story.

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    The Daily Wire reported that Pelosi stated, “I say win, baby. Just win. If that’s what you have to say to win, fine, and we will not in any way do anything but totally support [you] — mobilization-wise, message-wise, money-wise — for those people to win their races. Yes, we need a generational change. Of course, we do. But in some cases, there’s no substitute for experience.”

    The younger Democrats have always been after Pelosi’s seat of power. Progressives have openly challenged her for power since the start of her latest term. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her three followers wanted to take over early on, but they quickly learned that the old woman was not as weak as they thought.

    Democrats live in their little world where they see themselves as the defenders of democracy. They think that the Republicans are trying to destroy freedom and that the people following them are terrorists waiting for their next assignment.

    The old girl stated, “If they’re after us — look, just win, that’s all I’m saying to people. Just win your races, because nothing less is at stake than our democracy, nothing less is at stake than our planet, nothing less is at stake than our freedoms, a woman’s right to choose … there’s so many things at stake in this election.”

    The Speaker of the House needs to make things appear unified in the House. She knows that once the public gets wind that the liberals are divided, they will take their votes to the other side. Pelosi may act like the criticism does not bother her. But she likes to think of herself as a mother hen, and when those chicks rebel, it hurts her deeply.

    The issue that she is secretly facing is the thought of losing her seat. She was content with letting it go if the Republicans win, but now she is facing the possibility of losing it either way.

    The Daily Wire reported that Pelosi thinks her fellow House members are essential. But she thinks they count only because they vote for her bills and wacky ideas.

    Elissa Slotkin was the traitor that vocalized the need for change. She sees the old-timer as to why so many liberals have retired from office, and so many more are set to lose their seats.

    The division in the Democratic Party is not just in the House. Many more are turning their back on President Joe Biden because they do not want to support any person that makes them look bad in front of voters.

    Biden’s popularity is his worst enemy. And now it seems that Nancy Pelosi is falling victim to a failing image. Her reluctance to stand up for America has earned her the abandonment that she readily deserves.

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