Most Say Democrat Victory in the Midterms Would ‘Hurt’ U.S. Economy


    The survey, released roughly two weeks ahead of Election Day, asked respondents, “Do you think Democrats retaining control of Congress after the 2022 midterm elections would improve or hurt the American economy?”

    Most, 58.8 percent, said Democrats maintaining control of Congress would “hurt” the economy, compared to 41.1 percent who believe it will “improve” the economy.

    Opinions are sharply divided based on party lines, as the vast majority of Democrats, 87.6 percent, believe Democrat victories would “improve” the economy. Republicans strongly disagree. Most, 95.6 percent, said Democrats maintaining control after the 2022 midterm elections would “hurt” the economy, and 66.5 percent of independent voters agree.

    The survey, taken October 8-11, 2022, among 1,079 likely general election voters, has a +/- 2.9 percent margin of error.

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    These findings coincide with the latest poll from the Economist and YouGov, which found 54 percent of American adults expressing the belief that the economy is shrinking.

    As Breitbart News detailed:

    Among registered voters, the share seeing the economy as shrinking jumped from 44 percent in September to 54 percent in October.

    Trump voters are increasingly convinced the economy is shrinking–and so are Biden voters. Trump voters who say the economy is shrinking went from 71 percent in September to 81 percent in October. Biden voters who say the economy is shrinking went from 22 percent to 29 percent.

    Inflation continues to soar, as consumer prices surged higher than expected in September, rising 8.2 percent higher than one year ago.

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