Of Course, Pelosi is Avoiding Grim Midterm News in Fear of Red Wave


    I am sure you have heard at this point that the Democratic Party is facing a rather tough election cycle. And with the 2022 November midterms being just weeks away, recent polling is only making that more apparent. In fact, the expected red wave has most Democrats quite worried about both their party’s position in power, as well as their own jobs.

    But there’s one high-ranking Democrat who doesn’t seem concerned at all – or at least that’s what she’s saying.

    Enter the very liberal and apparently delusional House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    As Election Day draws ever closer, Pelosi is naturally being asked questions about how she perceives the polls to go and how her party will end up. In one such recent circumstance, in an interview with Punchbowl News published on Wednesday, Pelosi was asked about her party’s adversity. Her response shows just how out of touch she is with both reality and the American people.

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    According to her, her side of the aisle is really in “great shape” to keep their power come November 8. Additionally, she even thinks they’ll make some gains.

    How? Well, as she says, it’s all about turnout to the polls.

    She said, “This is all about turnout. We know that the public is with us. But this is about turnout. So I’m excited.”

    As I said, she’s clearly delusional.

    Now, I’m not arguing the fact that the results of this election, like most, will rely heavily on “turnout.” Hell, I’m not even arguing that turnout will be great for the Democratic Party. Unfortunately for Pelosi, simply having registered Democrats show up at the polls isn’t enough.

    As you and I both know, those voters must also be convinced to vote along party lines or for the political left. And that’s precisely where polling is showing some major discrepancies. According to no small number of polls, even ones from the usually liberal-backed New York Times, just because someone is a registered Democrat or has voted Democrat before doesn’t mean they will do so this go-round.

    In fact, it looks like 49 percent of American voters will vote Republican in the coming weeks, despite what their party registration might or might not say. In contrast, only about 45 percent of voters say they will vote for Democrats.

    It’s important to note that this same poll was taken as recently as September. And back then, Democrats held the lead, if only by one point.

    What this means is that even though Democrats have tried a number of new strategies over the past couple of weeks, no doubt to bring about more votes in their favor, nothing is making the difference they hoped for. If anything, their popularity is only shrinking.

    Perhaps this is because Democratic leaders like Pelosi are ridiculously out of touch with most Americans.

    Take her thoughts on the NYT poll that was just mentioned, for example. According to her, it’s an “outlier,” or one that doesn’t compare closely to any others. But data from numerous other polls show that to simply be untrue.

    Another example of her blind bias is her thoughts on major issues bringing people to the polls.

    During the same Punchbowl News interview, she was asked if inflation was reason number one for why people would be voicing their opinions. She said no. She did admit that it was indeed an important “issue.” But it’s a “global” one, and America isn’t nearly as bad off as a few other countries. So she doesn’t think it concerns most Americans.

    Perhaps that’s because inflation hasn’t yet cut into her bottom dollar or grocery bills like it has for the rest of us. Maybe it’s because someone else fills up her car for her, leaving her with no idea how expensive gas actually is.

    So what is the major issue that will bring people to vote and apparently vote for her and her ilk? According to her delusional mind, it’s abortion. Now, to be sure, abortion has been a key national issue for a while now, particularly since the Supreme Court walked back Roe v. Wade during the summer.

    However, polling shows that it’s a top issue for only about five percent of all likely voters, according to the Times/Sienna poll. And it’s only slightly higher, at eight percent for Democratic voters.

    So again, like most of her party, she is grossly out of touch, which is precisely why the expected red wave will cause them horrific damage.

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