Should We Listen to CDC or John Hopkins?


    Mask. Don’t mask. Vaccinate. Don’t vaccinate. Mask outside. Mask inside.

    No wonder America is confused. There are so many directives coming from every direction. And each one contradicts the last.

    We have to make a decision for ourselves. Do we listen to CDC or John Hopkins University?

    The CDC is the one feeding information to the Biden administration. They’re the ones that told us we didn’t need to wear masks at the beginning of the pandemic. They’re also the ones sharing studies without fully comprehending the results of those studies.

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    Meanwhile, John Hopkins University is one of the leading universities in the world for medicine – and more specifically, epidemiology.

    If we’re going to learn how to control diseases, and more specifically COVID-19, we need information that we can rely on.

    The CDC is funded by the government. Therefore, the Biden administration is feeding money and agendas to the agency. With all of the mistrust out there, it’s no surprise that many people want to do the opposite of what the CDC is saying.

    Well, that leaves John Hopkins University. Since they’re at the forefront of modern medicine, it’s a good source of information.

    And, we have Dr. Marty Makary, a professor at John Hopkins School of Medicine telling us that we should ignore the CDC. He believes that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has offered a lack of guidance to everyone. Particularly, though, those who were infected but have recovered from COVID have been given no guidance.

    He believes that half the country has natural immunity from COVID-19.

    Interesting. We’re listening.

    Those with natural immunity don’t need to be vaccinated.

    How do you know that you have natural immunity? There’s no way of knowing – unless you get tested for the antibodies or received a positive test result of COVID at some point. However, there have been plenty of people who have immersed themselves into society without taking necessary precautions and did not contract COVID.

    Dr. Makary has also said that those with natural immunity have been demonized for refusing to get vaccinated.

    The problem is that there’s been a debate over the efficacy of gained immunity. Can people with the vaccine spread the virus? Can those with gained immunity spread the virus? These questions are constantly fueling the debate about reopening states and even allowing people to go maskless if they can show they’ve been vaccinated.

    Dr. Fauci claims that the vaccine is “better than nature” and that it “significantly boosts the immune response.”

    Rand Paul, a Republican Senator out of Kentucky, identified that he wasn’t going to get vaccinated because of his natural immunity after getting COVID already. Yahoo News ran the headline that has read “You had COVID-19. Should you get vaccinated? Rand Paul says no. Scientists say yes.”

    The liberal media would love to mock Paul and say that his decision isn’t based on science.

    Dr. Makary, however, says that natural immunity may actually be better. “There is more data on natural immunity than there is on vaccinated immunity because natural immunity has been around longer.”

    Makary goes on by saying that vaccine and natural immunity are possibilities and are “probably life-long” which means that no boosters are needed. This tidbit goes against Dr. Fauci and the CDC, too, as he’s already gone public to talk about boosters.

    There haven’t been reinfections. The few that are scene are rare with mild symptoms or being completely asymptomatic.

    By listening to Makary, the U.S. has already achieved a herd immunity around 85%.

    Wait, really? Why are we just hearing about this good news?

    Well, Makary has a theory on that, too. He believes that the CDC is the most political, slow, and reactionary” in American history.

    His advice for everyone? Live a normal life. Ignore the CDC guidance. If you’ve been vaccinated or you’ve had the infection, you’ve got everything you need to stay protected.

    Finally, some common sense. Makary wants to ensure people are respected for choosing not to be vaccinated instead of being demonized. Sounds like the info out of John Hopkins is based more on science than fear…

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