Watch – Chuck Schumer Warns Biden of Sliding Democrat Senate Prospects


    In one exchange, Schumer focused on the Georgia U.S. Senate race between Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock, admitting that the seat may flip to the GOP.

    “The state where we’re going downhill is Georgia. It’s hard to believe that they will go for Herschel Walker,” Schumer can be heard telling Joe Biden.

    Schumer at least appeared hopeful about early turnout in Georgia, calling it “huge.”

    In another exchange, Schumer admitted that the Democrats are “in danger” of losing the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate seat to Republican Mehmet Oz, though he downplayed John Fetterman’s disastrous performance in the debate on Tuesday night.

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    “That seat. We’re in danger of that seat,” Schumer said. “It’s close.”

    “It looks like the debate didn’t hurt us too much in Pennsylvania,” he added.

    As Breitbart News reported on Wednesday, Herschel Walker has taken a nearly 4-point lead over Warnock in the Georgia race:

    Georgia Republican U.S. Senate nominee Herschel Walker took his largest lead over Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) with less than two weeks until the election, a Wednesday co/efficient poll found.

    The poll puts Walker above Warnock by nearly a four-point margin, with 47 percent supporting Walker and 43.6 percent supporting the incumbent Democrat Senator.

    Following Tuesday night’s debate, an Insider Advantage poll showed that Mehmet Oz now leads John Fetterman by 3 points.

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