Lisa Murkowski Supports Codifying Roe at Debate


    “I do support the codification of Roe v. Wade. I recognize that we cannot go backward in time 50 years when it comes to a woman’s right to determine her own reproductive health and health care,” Murkowski said.

    She then tried to portray herself as a moderate by saying that she supports restrictions on abortion and would support a bill that codified Roe and allowed for restrictions.

    “I also recognize that abortion should not be without limitations,” said Murkowski. “So the bipartisan effort that I had introduced in the United States Senate is one that again codifies Roe but does so in ensuring that there are limitations. There is a conscience provision for providers who are not willing to perform abortions. It’s also important to recognize that Hyde protection still remain in place.”

    Murkowski said that she rejected a bill to codify Roe earlier this year due to it not having the exceptions she listed.

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