Where Are the Fact Checkers with President Biden? He’s Curing What? Really?


    President Biden provided a whole lot of craziness over the weekend to raise the concern flag high over his mental fitness for office. But instead of keeping him hidden for a while so that the red flag talk could die down a little, the president was back in action on Monday providing a whole new level of experiences that make people question if he is sentient.

    Biden was giving a speech on Monday that is full of blatant lies. First, the president said that Democrats are lowering your everyday costs. (I know, it’s hard to believe he went that far!)

    When the president took office, inflation was at 1.4% and gas prices were approximately $2.39 a gallon. Today, inflation is at 8.2% and gas prices are at approximately $3.79 a gallon.

    We know that inflation even rose last month because Biden’s administration admitted it through its Bureau of Labor Statistics. What would cause Biden to believe that he could get away with saying that Democrats were the fiscally responsible ones in Washington? It’s like he is no longer even trying to make his statements believable. Does he think he has a Jedi mind trick on voters?

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    The deficit right now is approximately $1 trillion, and the only deficit reduction from the Biden administration came because COVID-era programs expired after Republicans refused to renew them. The truth is if Biden had his way, the deficit might be $2 trillion.

    The falsehoods in the president’s speech were not the worst thing that he did. Instead of staying behind the podium, Biden decided to wander among the crowd. It didn’t go well for him and it was caught on video.

    Let’s look at just one thing the president did while he was loose among the crowd, he claimed that he is starting to cure cancer.

    Certainly, there have been minor advancements during his term so far, but no one is claiming to be anywhere near curing cancer. And doesn’t it seem wrong to play with people’s emotions like this just to make a political point?

    After the false cancer cure dialogue, Biden started to use his soft, empathetic voice to tell a story that wandered aimlessly. People in the room are just nodding in confusion. It remains to be seen why the liberal fact-checkers just allow these speeches to pass without oversight.

    Last week, Biden was allowed to spin a story about getting his student debt forgiveness initiative passed by Congress. While doing a discussion with a progressive organization called NowThis” News, he told the young activists that they were probably aware” that he just signed a law” that is being challenged by Republicans. The president said that he got it passed by a vote or two and it was in effect.

    But the truth is that it wasn’t a law passed through Congress, it was an executive order that Biden signed. There was no voting, no legislation, and the student loan forgiveness initiative isn’t being challenged by the GOP, it is being challenged in court right now. The reason is that it wasn’t passed in Congress. The very distinction between law and executive action is a crucial fact in the ongoing legal battle over the legitimacy of the policy.

    What’s even more ironic is that on several occasions, Biden has discussed the distinction between these two moves while talking about student debt forgiveness.

    Was Biden consciously lying or does he believe the scenario he talked about? Either way, it is a serious concern. The White House tried to say that the president was really talking about the Inflation Reduction Act, which did narrowly pass the Senate. But that was not a part of Biden’s discussion.

    And his policy is not in effect right now. Last week, a federal appeals court temporarily barred the Biden administration from canceling student loans under the initiative.

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