How Trump Could Become House Speaker Without Even Being Elected


    When we talk about former President Donald Trump and politics, particularly moving forward, the primary thought in everyone’s head is that he will be throwing his name in the hat for another round in the Oval Office. And, to be clear, it’s a very likely situation. In fact, some close to Trump have suggested that he could have an announcement and 2024 presidential campaign ready as soon as Thanksgiving, which is just a month away.

    However, as several have pointed out, there is another possibility. And one that wouldn’t necessarily put the above-mentioned plans on hold either.

    If you haven’t heard before now, there is a great likelihood that Donald Trump could be nominated and possibly even win the position of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the seat that Democrat Nancy Pelosi currently holds.

    Furthermore, Trump wouldn’t even have to be elected to the House.

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    Basically, it all comes down to the constitutional statute that says that the House can “choose” its own leader and officials. It doesn’t specify that such officials or Speaker must be a current member of the house, only that he or she be nominated by a House member and then win a majority vote by that body.

    As legislative expert Casey Burgat recently told WUSA, “It literally could be anybody.” He further explained that there is even a precedent set for this. While no Speaker of the House has even not been a sitting member, several non-members have been nominated over the years.

    In fact, Joe Biden received a nomination for such in 2019.

    So, let’s say that in two weeks when the November midterms have passed and an expected GOP majority is found in the Lower House, someone nominates Trump for the Speaker position. After all, if the Republicans have the majority, Pelosi will be forced to vacate her seat and give it to a majority party member.

    Already at least one current member of the House has said that they would nominate Trump: Florida’s Representative Matt Gaetz. In fact, he’s mentioned being more than willing to do so on a number of occasions.

    Then all that would remain is for a vote to be held and the majority of the supposedly GOP House members to agree to it.

    And voila, enter Speaker Donald Trump. It has a kind of nice ring to it, doesn’t it? That’s especially true for Republicans who imagine all that he could do with such a title.

    For starters, he could initiate further investigations into Hunter Biden and the whole Biden family’s criminal enterprises. He could finally have Hillary Clinton investigated.

    And, of course, he could begin proceedings to have Joe Biden dismissed from the White House, whether by the 25th amendment or impeachment. As some have no doubt mentioned, it would be rather fitting to see the president who was technically impeached by the House not once, but twice, running the very same processes against a man who just might have cheated him out of a second term.

    The only problem with that is that Vice President Kamala Harris would assumedly take the highest office in the land. Then again, Speaker Trump could have her removed from office too.

    That would then leave him to retake the Oval Office, as Speaker of the House is third in the succession line.

    But, of course, this all hinges on Trump actually taking the position, should it be offered. And as of right now, no one is exactly sure what the 45th president will do.

    When the idea was broached to Trump back in June of 2021, he said it was “very interesting.” However, since then, in March of this year, he told Just The News that he wouldn’t be “interested in” it.

    But depending on how the upcoming November midterms go, he could change his mind. I personally kind of doubt it. But I’ve known to be wrong before.

    In any case, there is increasing talk that Biden could be impeached with or without Trump’s involvement in House proceedings.

    Already, House Republicans have filed over a dozen impeachment resolutions against the sitting president, according to Axios. And as the likelihood of a GOP House majority becomes stronger with every passing day, so too do the chances of Biden’s demise.

    Needless to say, the next few weeks should be quite interesting, particularly if Trump does get into the House.

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