Poll: Herschel Walker Leads Raphael Warnock by 2 Points in Georgia


    Conducted between October 23 to November 2, the Trafalgar Group/DW poll showed Walker leads Warnock 48.9 percent to 46.5 percent while Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver trails far behind with just 4.6 percent of support.

    Walker has been steadily overtaking Warnock since his first debate where he performed exceptionally well.

    Leading up to Tuesday, Walker’s closing message has been attacking Raphael Warnock for his extremist stance on energy.

    “When you have a president talking about the biggest threat to democracy, it seems to be to electing a Republican,” Walker told Fox News on Sunday. “But I want everyone that is listening to me – the biggest threat to democracy is to have him at the White House. And the biggest threat to democracy is to have someone like Senator Warnock, that voted against our Keystone pipeline, which put us in an international threat.”

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    “I think, right now, that’s a threat, and it’s a security threat,” Walker added. “We’re going into our enemies to ask for energy. That’s a threat. That’s the biggest threat to democracy there. And also putting men in women’s sports, which he voted for that. The biggest threat to democracy is have the people that — the Democrats right now leading this country because they seem to be taking this country in the wrong direction. And I think America sees that, and they know that.”

    A recent Fox News poll also put Walker slightly ahead of Warnock by just one point.

    “The poll, conducted by Fox News among 1,002 registered voters, found that among likely voters, Walker garnered 46 percent while Warnock received 45 percent. Another five percent said they were undecided,” Breitbart News reported last Thursday.

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