And Mayor Pete Wonders Why He Polls So Poorly with Black Voters!


    The poll numbers among black voters regarding Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg are historically low and almost unbelievable. How can anyone poll that poorly among any group of voters? It doesn’t take long, however, to see behind the mystery and maybe, more importantly, the character of the man.

    It isn’t that he hasn’t spent the money because he has, and it isn’t because he hasn’t made the effort, because he has done that too. Before we get to the most recent story, however, these insanely awful polling numbers are worth a quick peek.

    So how bad was it? As for that money, this story said that in the state of South Carolina alone and despite the “… more than $2 million Buttigieg poured into TV and radio ads, some featuring black supporters touting the former South Bend (Ind.) mayor hasn’t budged his stubbornly low poll numbers in the state — .”

    And how bad are those poll numbers? This same story went on to report on those numbers too, as in two. That’s right, our story said that the Presidential hopeful polled at “2 percent among African American Democrats in a recent Fox News poll.”

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    Honestly, you or I could put our names on the ballot and we would at least challenge 2 percent! Does anyone want to run for President?

    So what is really going on here? Why is it that this candidate is so outcast among the Biden, Bernie, Warren, and even Bloomberg’s in the Presidential race? Being honest, he is no less or more porcelain white than any of the other candidates. So it isn’t some obvious white supremacists look that puts off black voters.

    If you listen to Mayor Pete, you will also soon realize that he has much of the same socialist-loving and save-the-world song and dance that his fellow Democratic opponents have. So it doesn’t appear to be some scary policy or agenda that is preventing him from swaying these voters either.

    One recent story may have revealed some clues as to this curious question and that seemingly massive barrier that prevents Buttigieg from reaching black voters. According to that recent story, the Mayor held a staff survey, which doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. It is what the survey said, that grabbed everyone’s attention.

    Within Buttigieg’s staff survey, as our story reported, was one question that was also preempted with curious instructions. Those instructions read: Please only fill out this survey if you identify as a Person of Color. The answers are anonymous and will be used to inform our white colleagues about privilege and icroaggressions.

    And the question that followed asked, “think of a moment, or moments, during which you experienced microaggressions. Without naming names of the people, can you name the microaggression?”

    This survey was also very specific, even going so far as to name what some of those “microaggressions” might be. These were issues like having an idea that wasn’t accepted, being interrupted, or being mistaken for someone else who may or may not resemble you! And no, we aren’t kidding.

    If Mayor Pete can’t even connect with his own staff and supporters, and if he needs a staff survey to help understand and work with them, then what hope does he have to unite and run a country? And he is running for President?

    Maybe now those historically low poll results aren’t so difficult to understand. It also appears that this story gives us a better idea of who this Democratic Presidential Candidate, Mayor Pete Buttigieg really is as well.

    We can hide many things about who we are but the one thing that will always come out, sooner or later, is who we truly are. That doesn’t mean that, for Mayor Pete, that he is a bad guy but it definitely means something.

    Some of those things we can hide, some we can’t, and a few of those things Buttigieg didn’t. It is hard to talk to people when we don’t speak the same language. It is difficult to reach people when barriers and walls are between us.

    2 percent! The black voters have spoken but one candidate just doesn’t seem to speak their language or understand their message.

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