Yale University Requiring COVID Booster Shots for Students but Not Faculty


    Back in September, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky was a good person and got her bivalent COVID booster shot. If you’re keeping score, this was the fourth shot in the sequence of shots that Pfizer wants you to keep getting every year for the rest of your life.

    A month later, Rochelle Walensky caught COVID. Good thing she was vaxed and boosted – otherwise, it could have been much worse! We have anecdotal evidence like that as well as two peer-reviewed studies now which show that the bivalent booster shots don’t work.

    And yet colleges like Yale are requiring that students get the new, non-working bivalent boosters if they want to continue receiving an education.

    How is this not illegal coercion? And it is coercion. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. At this point, there is no justifiable reason for any entity to require any person to get a COVID shot. We now have mountains of evidence that these shots don’t work and that they can actually end up harming you.

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    The only reason the shots haven’t been pulled from the market is because that would be an admission of guilt and culpability by Pfizer and the Biden regime.

    Yale University is now requiring all students to take the bivalent booster shot from Pfizer before Spring Semester of 2023 begins. They’re setting up “pop-up COVID-19 booster clinics” on campus in case anyone doesn’t get the hint.

    For those who haven’t been following the story of the bivalent booster shot, here’s a summary. The first COVID booster was a monovalent booster. It was supposed to protect against one previous strain of COVID (but didn’t). The new bivalent booster is supposed to protect against two strains of COVID (but doesn’t).

    Pfizer tested the bivalent booster on 8 mice (not a typo) for 30 days (also not a typo) and declared their new experimental mRNA booster shot to be safe and effective, even though all 8 of the mice caught COVID (again… not a typo).

    The FDA looked at Pfizer’s documentation on the study of 8 mice and said, “Sounds good to us!” before rubberstamping the bivalent booster shots in August.

    And now the shots are mandated for people who want to continue to get a college education at Yale. Harvard University and Fordham University have also mandated the shots for attendance.

    Oh, but it’s only the young and healthy students at these universities who are under the vaccine mandate. If you’re an obese professor or administrator with diabetes and kidney disease, and are at actual risk of dying from COVID, you’re fine. They’re exempt. After all, these shots might be dangerous!

    Therefore, only the young and healthy students who are at no risk from COVID whatsoever are required to get the shots.

    On top of this insanity, we now have two back-to-back published scientific studies proving that the bivalent booster shots do not work. Or at least, that they don’t work as advertised. Here’s an interesting quote from the study done by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston:

    “Waning immunity following mRNA vaccination and the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants has led to reduced mRNA vaccine efficacy against both symptomatic infection and severe disease.”

    Translation: The more of these shots and booster shots you allow yourself to be injected with, the less effectively your immune system will be able to fight off current and future strains of COVID. You will be more likely to catch future strains of COVID, because you will have zonked your immune system.

    Colleges are mandating this for young and healthy students, and science shows that they’ll be getting worse and worse infections with COVID for the rest of their lives. Great job, Yale University!

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