Canadian Man Facing Eviction Asks the Government to Euthanize Him


    A Canadian man applied to have the government euthanize him when he was about to be evicted from his rooming house. When faced with being homeless versus being dead, 54-year-old Amir Farsoud filled out the paperwork asking the government to murder him. Farsoud’s application to be killed by the government was approved, on the grounds that he is basically sad.

    He was scheduled to be put to death next month, but fortunately, there was a happy ending to this story… sort of. Farsoud now plans to be around for a few more years before he will once again ask the government to euthanize him, so that’s kind of a victory?

    Canada passed a doctor-assisted suicide law in 2016. Here in the US, the ghoulish practice was first approved in the ultra-blue state of Oregon back in 1997. Since then, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Jersey, Maine, New Mexico, and Washington, DC have all passed government euthanasia laws. Each state sets its own conditions under which people are allowed to kill themselves with permission of the government, and the assistance of a doctor who took an oath to “first do no harm.”

    Under the Canadian murder-yourself law, people are allowed to apply for doctor-assisted suicide if they’re already dying anyway and have no hope of recovery. If a person is sick and their condition is deteriorating to the point where they’ll die, they can also apply to be killed. But it’s the third clause under Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Act that Amir Farsoud opted for suicide.

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    That clause says a person can apply to be killed if “they are experiencing enduring physical or psychological suffering, due to the illness, disease, disability or state of decline, that is intolerable to the person and cannot be relieved in a manner that they find acceptable.”

    When Farsoud was going through the process of applying to have the government kill him, he says he was afraid of dying – but he was more afraid of ending up homeless because his government assistance doesn’t provide enough for him to live on. Farsoud is permanently disabled from a back injury and unable to work. Canada’s vaunted socialist utopian only leaves him about $7 (CAD) per day to eat after paying his utilities, and nothing left over to pay his rent.

    “I don’t want to die but I don’t want to be homeless more than I don’t want to die. It’s not my first choice,” says Farsoud.

    The rooming house that Farsoud lives in went up for sale, and he received an eviction notice. Farsoud figures that with his chronic back pain, he was going to die on the streets anyway. He reasoned that he may as well have the government kill him in the comfort of a hospital, instead of dying on the streets in the Canadian winter.

    “I know, in my present health condition, I wouldn’t survive it anyway. It wouldn’t be at all dignified waiting, so if that becomes my two options, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.”

    When Farsoud’s story was covered by the news in his hometown, an anonymous stranger set up a GoFundMe page. They quickly raised $60,000 for Farsoud to find new housing. Since that happened, Farsoud says he has withdrawn his application to allow the government to kill him. So, that’s sort of a happy ending.

    Unfortunately, Farsoud says his back condition is only going to worsen over time. Even though he has temporarily changed his mind about being murdered, he’ll probably reapply for euthanasia again at some point down the road. So long as states and countries pass laws that allow people like Farsoud to be killed for feeling sad or upset about life, people are going to avail themselves of these laws. And as nations continue to distance themselves from their Christian roots, we’re going to see more countries passing ghoulish laws like Canada’s MAID Act.

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