Criminals are Becoming More Brazen…Now What?


    Criminals in many cities don’t feel as though anything bad will happen to them. And this is something that the Democrats seem to have actively created.

    Think about it. Some cities are still actively defunding law enforcement. In other cities, they are desperately trying to retain and hire officers, leading to insufficient numbers on the force.

    Meanwhile, you have liberal DAs who either fail to prosecute once a criminal is arrested or the bail is nonexistent, putting the criminals back onto the streets.

    The deterrent is missing. As such, criminals find that they can get away with more and more – and as a result, they are becoming more brazen. It’s why you hear about more smash and grabs in retail stores and even more home invasions.

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    Even high-profile politicians like Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh have had kidnapping attempts on their lives. Imagine that! Criminals really aren’t concerned about getting caught or facing time these days because they assume that the liberals will save them.

    And why wouldn’t they? Our very own VP, Kamala Harris, promised to help pay the bail of how many rioters during the BLM summer riots of 2020? She essentially announced that it was okay to riot and commit crimes without worrying about bail money.

    Just the other day, a story surfaced about a home invasion in New Jersey. In the Fair Lawn neighborhood of Bergen County, the police had to block off access to the whole neighborhood as they investigated an armed home invasion.

    It happened in broad daylight. Three intruders entered the home, tied the homeowner up, and robbed the home. It isn’t clear what happened. However, it shows that there’s a BIG problem. Burglars aren’t sticking to committing crimes at night. And rather than risk the homeowner calling in the robbery, they simply tie them up.

    And if you look at the number of home invasions happening, they’re on the rise. This past week, two people were fatally shot in a home invasion in Virginia. In Florida, officers exchanged fire with a home invasion suspect.

    9-1-1 response times are up – and the time depends on where you live. Campus Safety Magazine reported that times can vary from 3 minutes to over 15 minutes. And when you’re talking about a home invasion, 15 minutes can seem like a lifetime. Your entire home can be emptied by the time police show up at the scene.

    So, if you cannot rely on the police to keep you safe or to respond to an incident, what is it that you can do?
    A traditional Republican response would be to keep a shotgun by the door. And there are plenty of stories about conservatives stopping burglars in their tracks with a shotgun. However, that’s not always the most effective solution – especially when you want to deter a burglar from even stepping foot onto your property.

    One of the best things to do is actively work at preventing a home invasion. Never make your home look empty, even when you’re out of town. Use curtains to cover your windows, use timers to keep lights on your home, and ensure that shrubbery is trimmed away from windows so that you’re not providing easy ways for intruders to get into your home.

    You can also invest in a home security system. Add cameras to the outside of your home. Light the entrance of your home.
    If you cannot count on the police to keep you safe, it becomes doing whatever you can to do it on your own.

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