Ratcliffe: Biden Won’t Confront China, He Even ‘Sided with the CCP’ over Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit


    On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow,” former DNI John Ratcliffe stated that the Biden administration won’t take a stronger stance on the protests in China because the administration is afraid to stand up to China, even going as far as Biden siding with the government over House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) visit to Taiwan.

    Ratcliffe said, “The Biden statement, we support peaceful protests everywhere is kind of like saying, we support blue skies and sunny days. Of course you do. So, could they come out stronger? Yes. Should they come out stronger? Yes. Will they come out stronger? The answer is no, Sean. When it comes to China, I think the Biden administration’s batting 0-17. No matter what the issue is with regard to China, they’re afraid to address it and to confront China. On COVID, a couple of weeks ago, President Biden refused to address with President Xi the fact that a million Americans had been killed by a virus that originated in China and he failed to bring it up. Now, you’ve got these COVID lockdown deaths and the brutality of the CCP and he won’t put out a statement addressing that. And let’s not forget that, a couple of months ago, Sean, Joe Biden sided with the CCP in China about Nancy Pelosi going to Taiwan even after the state-run media advocated to shoot down her plane if she did.”

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