Biden is Hammered for Supporting Oil Drilling Abroad but Not at Home


    We all know Biden and his administration are wholly against American energy production. On day one in office, he effectively shut down one of the largest oil pipeline projects the nation had (or would have) ever seen. Additionally, he stopped all the beginning of any new oil drilling or production leases on public land. Months later, he did the same for offshore and private lands.

    He’s increased taxes and fees for energy companies, stopped the drilling, and even stopped research for drilling on lands designated for oil use only. And he’s even appointed a ‘climate change czar’ who basically just flies around the country and the world blasting people for spending too much on oil and energy production – all while sitting comfortably in his private gas-guzzling jet.

    And don’t even get me started on how much the administration has pushed the use and production of ‘greener’ energies and transportation, such as electric vehicles, despite the fact that the United States is years away from having either solar, wind, or only electric as a replacement for coal and other fossil fuels.
    And yet, it should come as no shock to any of us, at least those of us who tend to lean to the right, that Biden has just given the green light to an American company to begin drilling and producing oil for Venezuela.

    Yes, Venezuela – the socialist, South American nation run by a dictator who has blatantly shown no regard for the lives or needs of his people.
    I know. The hypocrisy of it all is massive.

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    According to the news release from the Treasury Department, the reason is to supposedly help the “restoration of democracy” in the dictatorship.

    However, it’s hard to see the move as helping anything or anyone but the nation’s leader Nicolas Maduro or Chevron Corp., the company given this unique opportunity. As was noted in the news release, the profits of such an operation will be “directed to paying down debt owed to Chevron.”

    But in a nation where socialism runs rampant, and the government is involved in everything, there is no doubt a good amount of those profits will end up in Maduro’s coffers.

    Besides, it’s not like the move will actually help the Venezuelan people either. Reuters reported that the drilling and oil production would only meet about one percent of the nation’s fossil fuel needs. Again, the only real profiteer is Chevron.

    It’s also important to note that this announcement was made over the weekend. Yes, Thanksgiving weekend, when most of America would be distracted by family, friends, and large amounts of food. Naturally, I’d say that was part of the plan.

    Of course, more than a few conservatives did happen to notice.

    Take former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, for instance.

    As he tweeted, “This will only embolden and enrich Venezuela’s communist dictator. Biden’s decision to allow Chevron to resume its operations in Maduro’s Venezuela – while draining America’s strategic reserves for political gain and crushing our domestic energy industry – is the height of hypocrisy and bad policy.”

    And he’s not wrong.

    I mean, how can a supposedly dually elected president of the United States, someone who has literally vowed to serve the American people, consistently turn his back on us and instead give favors to American-hating nations like Venezuela, who, if you didn’t know, also has ties to communist China, socialist Russia, and the mullahs of Iran.

    He does realize that this is the same dictator that Venezuelans are fleeing in droves, according to Customs and Border Protection data. And yet, he’s willing to help him out.

    Of course, he says it’s all part of a mission to restore democracy. But if he really thinks this is a way to do that, he’s even more naïve than I thought. And just as stupid.

    At this rate, states might be better off if they declared themselves dictatorships. As Representative Tom Tiffany of Texas says, maybe then Biden would pay more attention to them and “allow more US oil production.”

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