5 Ways Biden’s “Unity Agenda” Ripped America Even Further Apart


    President Biden waited until March 2022 to give his first State of The Union address, and he took full advantage of that lull. During that time, he identified various areas he thought could bring the country together. Instead, they ripped us further apart than ever.

    Investing in “Proven Programs” to Attract Providers into Behavioral Health
    These programs were nothing more than an excuse to try and boost the number of mental health providers enrolling in college courses. Providers wash out of these programs all the time due to the unrealistic portrayals on TV of what it is like. While enrolling more is great, this rise in government spending here has killed funding for much-needed trade schools. Instead, it has turned into a slush fund for Biden and his strongest supporters to take money.

    Integrate Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment with Primary Health Care
    Doctors are already having an incredibly hard time even diagnosing cancer. When you talk with them about mental health the responses are not one of care, but of disgust and passing them on to someone else, with no follow-up care. This is even worse for those who are low-income, and often those with the most struggles in these areas. Now those who have medical problems are even more scared to visit the doctor for fear of lectures or being blown into the authorities.

    Improve Veterans’ Access to Same-Day Mental Health Care
    Veterans are still dying off in record numbers. With under-reported incidents, the current number of 17 a day is more like 44. The providers the VA hires are often inexperienced with Veterans and are unable to relate to them. This means the provider cannot get through to them and help them get the assistance they greatly need. How can they truly integrate with their communities if nobody understands them, and nobody can bridge the gap?

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    Strengthen Children’s Privacy and Ban Targeted Advertising for Children Online
    Banning advertising from targeting kids just drove it further underground. Now kids are instead seeing ads that are targeted toward adults. Given the more risqué nature of a child’s inquiries as they reach their teens, they are instead exposed to more adult subjects like sexuality earlier than in years past. With this comes a much more perverse and mind-melting sexual experience than the simple pictorials of Playboy 25+ years ago. It leads kids to lie to their parents and others about what they are really doing online.

    Expand Early Childhood and School-Based Intervention Services and Supports
    These intervention services are great. If the school is communicating with the home, and the child has a support system there, it can do some good. The problem is those who need intervention the most have a rocky home life and no support in getting their little minds right. Instead, they face worse torment because the school reached out. It only drives the problem more underground.

    These programs have widely divided many Americans. While few would even try to deny the fact that the country has a mental health problem, few would agree with Biden’s solutions. Those who do will defend them vehemently, without seeing where taxpayer money is being wasted. They also refuse to admit where the problem stems from, the home life. Over the last 50 years, the nuclear family has fallen apart.

    Between over-sexualized advertising, people refusing to fix their relationships, and kids being torn between morality and what’s popular, it’s impossible to have a healthy family. Divorce was the exception and not the norm. People had starter homes, not starter marriages. Dads spent time with their kids, they weren’t glorified babysitters. Perhaps instead of crying about how bad mental health has declined while throwing money at it, maybe it’s time we examine what is creating such horrific home lives.

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