Does Sinema Have Her First Challenger Already?


    Well, it’s official. Newly re-elected Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema has just left the Democratic Party.

    Now, don’t get too excited – she’s not becoming a Republican, and neither is she going to caucus with them. So things in the Senate won’t be changing all that much.

    However, it’s important to note here that it’s a move many have seen coming for quite some time.

    For starters, she’s one of the most moderate, and therefore right-leaning, in the entire Party. And her record has done well to prove that. She’s also had no qualms about standing up to the establishment leaders of the day.

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    When they say jump, just about everyone does, and immediately. Sinema, however, doesn’t – either refusing to entirely as she did with Democrats’ plans to do away with the filibuster in the Senate. Or she’s at least quite pensive about it, taking her time in deciding.

    Naturally, both have made her quite a target for progressive leftists in the Party who would rather see blind admiration than someone actually working for her constituents.

    Enter Arizona Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego.

    Like most in his Party, the emphasis on his work is not so much doing what is best but what is best for the Party. And based on a recent statement posted to Twitter, he doesn’t approve of what Sinema just did.

    He wrote, “My statement on Kyrsten Sinema abandoning the Democratic Party.” A link to a donation page was included, and then an image of his actual statement, which can only be described as establishment to the core.

    In it, he basically noted that Arizonans needed and wanted leaders who “put the people of Arizona first.” And to be sure, this is likely true.

    However, his explanation of why Sinema no longer fits that definition is a little wanting, as serving any one party doesn’t make her any less likely to ignore the people. In fact, if anything, her leaving one to become an independent should speak volumes about her willingness to abandon Party over the people, which as Gallego himself notes, is what Arizona wants.

    Of course, the fact that he then links this to a donation page for himself doesn’t exactly speak of either the Party’s needs or that of the Arizona people. The only thing it does do is make us wonder if he’ll try to take Sinema on come 2024.

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