Katie Hobbs Just Weaseled Her Way Out of Ever Stepping Foot in a Courtroom


    If I didn’t know it, I’d say that Democratic Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs has a fear of speaking in public – or at least anywhere during which she might have to either defend her actions or explain herself. Then again, based on when she’s tried to get out of doing just that, I’d say she has more of a fear of Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

    This realization comes after Hobbs just found a way to once again weasel her way out of having to speak to authorities about herself in a room where Lake might be present.

    If you hadn’t heard, Lake, like so many other Arizonians, is concerned about the outcome of the 2022 midterms in her state. And no, it’s not just because she didn’t win the governor’s mansion she was vying for.

    Instead, it’s because, once again, massive issues in Maricopa County, the most populated county in the state, seemed to have impacted the election. More specifically, some 70 polling sites in the county (about one-third) experienced widespread problems with ballot printers and, therefore, voting tabulators. In some cases, the printed ink was so light that the tabulators could not accurately read the ballots, according to the county.

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    Lake, who had her own research conducted on the election, says a whopping 59 percent of all polling stations in the county were affected.

    In either case, what resulted were extremely long lines at nearly all polling locations, including some very red districts. These lines were so long, in fact, that records show that after polling closed on Election Day, there were still hundreds in line waiting to vote at each site, hundreds who never got to make their voice heard.

    And considering that Lake only lost by about 17,000 votes, she has reason to believe that if things worked as they should, she would have won.

    In any case, she is demanding that either another election take place or that she be named the winner.

    And as of Monday, her case making those demands was still very much in play. While a Superior Court Judge threw out more than a few of her claims, he allowed two to advance to trial.

    Naturally, with a trial now in session on the integrity and events of a state’s election, Lake thought it might be pertinent to have the state’s leading election official (Secretary of State) give a testimony. Of course, with that person also happening to be Katie Hobbs, it most certainly held a bit more weight.

    Unsurprisingly, Hobbs wants nothing to do with the case. And so, on Monday, her lawyers filed a motion to quash the subpoena that would make her testify.

    Initially, the judge dismissed the motion, claiming that as Secretary of State, Hobbs’s testimony was, in fact, relevant to the case.

    However, late Monday, her counselor once again filed a motion to get her out of going to court. This time they drew on the two claims that Lake has left to her case, one being the issues surrounding voting machinery and another saying that the county had not kept the chain of custody documentation as the law requires.

    With either claim, Hobbs’ legal team contended that Maricopa County specifically should answer for those problems and not the state’s elected leader, as they supposedly have nothing to do with her directly.

    Apparently, the judge was willing to agree with this.

    So, Katie Hobbs has managed once again to avoid facing either the public or Kari Lake.

    As for me, I think it has more to do with her fear of Lake than anything. During her campaign, Hobbs refused to even debate Lake or be in the same room as her.
    Once during such a ‘debate,’ Lake made it into the audience to watch Hobbs being questioned. And when the latter found out, she had Lake thrown out of the building, and the debate ended.

    Sound a little like fear to you? And now, she’s found a way to not face her in court, either. Hmmm…

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