Americans Shafted as Biden’s Illegal Aliens Gobbling up Social Services


    Joe Biden’s deliberate flood of illegal aliens has gotten so bad that American cities can no longer take care of its own poor people. In cities from El Paso to New York, social services are now being gobbled up by hordes of people who have broken our laws. American homeless people are being turned away from shelters as illegals crowd them out. Right as winter is setting in, poor Americans are going to be freezing to death because there are no resources left to take care of them.

    How much longer will it be until real food shortages set in?

    In New York City, Mayor Eric Adams says they’re now going to have to choose between offering services to Americans who are homeless, and illegal aliens who showed up 5 minutes ago.

    “If corrective measures are not taken soon,” says Adams, “We may very well be forced to cut or curtail programs New Yorkers rely on, and the pathway to house thousands more is uncertain.”

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    The last time we checked, New York City is kind of far away from the US-Mexico border. But they’re now overrun by the arrival of approximately 31,000 illegals in recent weeks.

    Much closer to the border, the situation is far more dire. A Canadian journalist from Rebel News flew into El Paso the other day and was so shocked that she started recording on her cell phone at the airport. Hundreds of illegal aliens were sleeping on the floor at the airport. Hundreds more are sleeping on the sidewalks, where low temperatures are in the 20s. Customs and Border Protection has just been dumping them on the streets since all of the processing centers are already overflowing.

    The truly sad thing is that while almost no Americans support this, very few realize just how much damage Joe Biden has done to America with mass immigration. We’ve already been like a frog slowly boiling in a pot of water for decades. It’s similar to how Hemingway described going broke – it happens gradually, and then suddenly. We’re at the “suddenly” part now, and the country will likely never recover without drastic measures.

    America has been falling apart for decades due to mass immigration, but most don’t realize it. Look at a photo of a nighttime cityscape from China or Dubai. Have you seen those lately? Cities in countries that are supposedly poor now look like something out of a science fiction movie. Everything is clean and orderly and futuristic looking. They’re amazing.

    Here in America, everything is falling apart. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our schools and hospitals are overcrowded. The cities are dirty. Major cities are passing out heroin needles and crack pipes and allowing homeless people to poop right on the sidewalk. Police and shop owners in places like Los Angeles and Philadelphia can’t even talk to shoplifters, so long as they’re calmly walking out of the store with less than $900 in merchandise.

    Don’t assume that just because you live in a rural area that this problem isn’t coming to your doorstep soon. If illegals are overwhelming New York City, then they’re overwhelming every place between the border and New York City. We just don’t see it on the news every night, because the media wants us all to keep our heads in the sand until it’s too late. There’s nowhere to house the influx of illegals at this point. As soon as Title 42 expires (unless the Supreme Court intervenes), an estimated 500,000 more illegals will pour across the border, from California to Texas. That’s the population of Atlanta. New York City’s 340,000 public housing units are full, and they’re turning Americans away to make room for foreigners. Once all the big cities are full, where do you suppose they’ll be headed next?

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