Liberal City Implements Anti-Pollution Order


    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live during the Stone Ages? You know, back before humankind had invented the wheel or even before fire became known as a heat source…

    Well, for Californians in the San Francisco Bay Area, they are getting closer to that experience by the day.

    According to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the quality of air in the area is only getting worse. And during the Christmas holiday, weather conditions caused “excessive pollution” already in the air to simply hang around.

    The district’s solution to this was to create a new rule that would supposedly cut down on the amount of “smoke” in the air surrounding the holidays.

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    They are calling it a “Spare the Air” alert, which essentially bans the burning of wood both indoors and out in the nine counties surrounding the Bay Area. This means no bonfires, no chestnuts roasting in the fireplace, no wood stoves, no pellet stoves, no firepits, etc. So basically, if you are burning wood in the area, it’s now illegal. Or it was from the 24th of December through the Christmas holiday.

    The only exception is if a home does not have a modern heating system and requires wood to heat the house.

    According to air district interim executive officer Sharon Landers, “Weather conditions are leading to significant smoke pollution buildup throughout the region that is expected to cause unhealthy air quality through the Christmas holiday.”

    And so, the ban on wood burning was put in place. Landers claims that, should wood burning be allowed in the area, the smoke created will hang too close to the ground, and given current weather conditions, it won’t be allowed to rise up and dissipate into the air.

    Of course, the district claims that the real danger is to “the children” as they are supposedly the most affected by air quality, or the lack thereof.
    But I have a feeling it’s more about woke policies and going green than anything else.

    For starters, it’s important to point out here that this is not the first time wood burning, whether outside or in, has been banned by those leaning to the left. And it probably won’t be the last.

    The problem is that it just doesn’t make much sense.

    I mean, what else are we supposed to use to heat our homes? In places like California, the use of nuclear power, known to be one of the cleanest and most stable power sources on the planet, has already been banned. More recently, coal-burning plants have been attacked and shuttered, claiming that they harm the air and atmosphere too much.

    And now, we can’t even burn firewood for heat.

    Sure, we can supposedly use more “green” and “renewable” sources like solar and wind for power. But as those in Europe and states like California and Texas already know, they can’t be all that relied upon. For example, remember when wind turbines froze to a halt in Texas and essentially left the entire state without power and heat for weeks during one of the coldest weather patterns seen there in years?

    As for Europe, not-so-democratic nations and leaders have pushed the use of solar and wind power for years. And yet, only a mere 17 percent of energy and 29 percent of their electricity can be sourced from those endeavors.

    It’s not that they haven’t tried for more, but given the limitations of solar and wind, it’s just not been possible. If it were, Europe wouldn’t be struggling with energy rations right now.

    And just ask Californians about the rolling blackouts they now experience on a near monthly basis, thanks to the state’s growing reliance on “green” energies.

    I’ll bet they aren’t all that impressed.

    But what other choice do they have?

    Instead of moving ahead toward the future of innovation and technology, those living in the Bay Area have been taken back to the Stone Age. Well, before that, really. They aren’t even allowed to burn wood anymore. What a joke!!!

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