Dems Funding Campaigns Against “Misinformation” Are Targeting Conservatives Almost Exclusively


    Arabella Advisors serves as a Democrat-linked consultant firm. Functioning by rolling in multiple large funds from several different organizations, they provide advice and guidance. Now, they are taking this money from universities and non-profits to explain to them what “misinformation” really is, what its seemingly opposite “disinformation” is, and how each of them is spread across the web.

    With Bill Clinton’s former official Eric Kessler managing administrative, legal, and philanthropic activities of the foundation on behalf of leftist donating organizations like the Sixteen Thirty Fund, Hopewell Fund, North Fund, and New Venture Fund, there is cause for concern. Several of the funds in the Arabella portfolio have been sponsoring research into the cause, effects, and mitigation of “misinformation” and “disinformation” per Daily Caller News Foundation investigations.

    In turn, many of the Arabella-funded projects have directly cited conservative projects as being purveyors of misinformation, including censorship.

    Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, led by research director Joan Donovan, put on a project called “The True Costs of Misinformation” with sponsorship by The New Venture Fund. This project looked to focus on the impacts of misinformation online, with special emphasis on groups they considered to be especially vulnerable to taking everything at face value.

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    Then, you have Steven Feldstein’s presentation titled “What Is Driving Conservativism’s Post-Democratic Turn in America?” that tried to find the correlation between what they perceived as “anti-democratic” mindsets and the impact of misinformation. He believed that politics were being unfairly influenced by conservatives.

    It’s funny; they keep looking for reasons to blame conservatives for misinformation when it is the Democrats alone who have been trampling on your right to free speech. It is the left who have been flooding the people with incorrect, or misleading information, and then trying to lie about it. You know they won’t call themselves out, so they look elsewhere.

    Manipulation of the American people like this is easy when you have control of the mainstream media. When all the major networks keep putting out the same stories with the same messages daily, it becomes clear that the brainwashing is in full effect. But they don’t stop there.

    Online, the left has been in bed with the previous leadership at Twitter. It has been proven time and again that Instagram and Facebook have both been loaded with left-leaning department heads, and they could care less about the truth. TikTok is from the Chinese government, and they know that a liberal mindset is the most easily defeated. Working together, they just want the Democratic agenda at the top of the feeds, and on the lips of its users.

    Being at the top has allowed them to suppress the conservative voice. They don’t want the truth about themselves out there. They certainly don’t want the American people to learn the realities of the GOP. TikTok ensures the algorithm here in the US is based on keeping people uninformed, while in China they push knowledge and try to strengthen the minds of their people. IG and FB have done everything they can to keep groups and posts from reaching their followers and members.

    As much as the left tries to say they believe in freedom of speech, and that they want to tell the people the truth, it’s unfortunately just a big deception. What they want to do is make their version of the “truth” the only thing the American people know. It’s deception at its worst, and the American people should not be dealing with this.

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