Report: Boebert Told McCarthy Claim He Earned Speakership Is ‘Bullsh-t’


    [WARNING: Adult Language]

    CNN congressional correspondent Manu Raju said Tuesday on “Newsroom” that during a closed-door meeting, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) said Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) claim he earned the speakership was “bullshit.”

    Host Erica Hill said, “McCarthy apparently raising his voice in a fiery speech. What more are you hearing?

    Raju said, “Yeah, we’re hearing things are getting very heated behind closed doors. Kevin McCarthy is essentially done. He’s signaling with negotiating with his bloc of conservatives who are seeking a number of concessions to weaken the speakership, to empower them. He said he’s gone so far, and they have refused to get to yes, he’s raising his voice. He’s detailing everything that he has done. And he said, quote, ‘I have earned this job.’ Now, he is also getting some pushback in the room. We are told from both — our sources are telling our Capitol Hill team here that Lauren Boebert, the Colorado Republican congresswoman, said ‘bullshit’ in response to what Kevin McCarthy said.”

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    He added, “Now, the one aspect of that here is Kevin McCarthy is saying he is not going anywhere. If he does not get 218 votes on that first ballot at noon today. He’s going to grind it out. He said that he’s going to fight this going forward.”

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