GOP Rep. Buck: Republicans Should Start Looking at Scalise for Speaker


    Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) said Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead” that Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) needed to step aside and let Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) run for Speaker of the House.

    Buck said, “I had a number of conversations with Kevin and I basically told him at some point this needs to break loose, he needs to make a deal to bring the 19 or 20 over or he needs to step aside and give somebody a chance to do that.”

    Anchor Jake Tapper asked, “So, your message to Kevin mMcCarthy is we need to fish or cut bait. Like, if you can’t get to 218 or 217, whatever the threshold is, we need to find someone else. Who might that be?”

    Buck said, “The next is line is Steve Scalise. I don’t know if he gets more or less, at some point, we have to start to look at the rules and the committee assignments and other things and get back to the basics of what the people’s self-interest is in the case and meet some of those interests and get the votes.”

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    He added, “There are a few 20 that wouldn’t vote for Kevin McCarthy but would vote for somebody else. There are others who want changes in the rules and others who care about policy. I think if Steve meets those needs he will be able to move forward and take the speakership.”Buck concluded, “I think that at some point today, the conference as a whole needs to make a decision. I think what’s happening right now is people are getting worn down. We are starting to get some open conflict on the floor as well as behind closed doors. I think this that conflict is not healthy.”

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