Watch: Pro-Abortion Activists Scream Their Heads Off at Pro-Lifers During 2023 Women’s March


    “You care about controlling women. I’m not scared of you,” one Women’s March attendee screamed in the face of AJ Hurley, who is activism lead for the pro-life group Live Action. Breitbart News’s Matthew Perdie caught the incident on camera.

    “You should not be surprised that when you advocate for violence, you use violence,” Hurley said, before being met with more screams.

    “You’re supporting murder,” he continued. “Your demons are manifesting.”


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    Another pro-abortion activist was caught on camera saying that unborn babies “are not people”

    “They are not people. They’re a clump of cells. They don’t exist,” she said.

    Breitbart News’s Matthew Perdie also captured other pro-abortion activists woofing like dogs when Hurley pointed out that none of them had been aborted.

    Matt Perdie/ Breitbart News

    “You weren’t aborted, you weren’t aborted, and you were not aborted,” Hurley said, pointing to several of the pro-abortion activists who were surrounding him. The pro-abortion activists, rather than engage in Hurley’s argument, began screaming and barking.

    Hurley said his remarks were in reference to former President Ronald Reagan’s quote: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

    “I was thinking about that and figured I would remind everyone that if my voice didn’t matter because I’m a man, their voice doesn’t matter because they weren’t aborted,” he told Breitbart News on Tuesday.

    The Women’s March has been happening since 2017, when angry feminists poured into the streets across the United States on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Hundreds of thousands of people reportedly attended the protest in Washington, DC, though Hurley said the Women’s March turnout in the nation’s capital this year was a shred of what it has been.

    “Yeah, Women’s March was unbelievably small. There were a total of maybe 500 people there,” he estimated. “We can get these kind of numbers on a few days’ notice.”

    Hurley said the smaller turnout shows that “the tide is shifting.”

    “People know what’s in the womb is human life. They can see with their own eyes the victims of their ideology. Abortion is murder, and we’re not going back,” he said.

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