Omar: Republicans Don’t Believe Muslims, Black People Should Have Equal Access to Legal System


    Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Monday on MSNBC’s “All In” that House Republicans voted for her to be removed from the Foreign Affairs Committee because they did not “believe Muslims or black people should have equal access.”

    Co-host Mehdi Hasan asked, “How much do you think the targeting of you last week had to do with your identity? And how much to do with your view, specifically, your criticisms of Israel, that Speaker McCarthy openly singled out?”

    Omar said, “It precisely has to do with bigotry. If you remember, Marjorie Taylor Greene, herself, in 2019, came to Congress and said she was going to force Rashida Tlaib and I to get sworn in on the Bible because we could not be official unless we did so. She talked about how we were infiltrating Congress as Muslims. You remember Donald Trump coming to Minnesota and saying Somalis were infiltrating your state. These are people who certainly don’t believe Muslim immigrants, immigrants, refugees, and certainly someone who carries all of those identities together should be in the United States, let alone and Congress, and wield any kind of power.”

    She continued, “But it’s also something deeper, right? It is this bigoted idea that having access to the legal system to seek justice. They don’t believe Muslims or black people should have equal access here in the United States to our legal system.”

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    Omar added, “I have brought about these concerns and that committee. I have spoken about the injustices that are out there, that are being done in our name with our tax dollars, and why is it important to have a voice on that committee to be asking those kinds of questions.”

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