Cruz: Biden Hurt Seniors the Most with Inflation, Now He’s Trying the ‘Throw Granny off the Cliff’ ‘Lie’


    On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that while President Joe Biden tried to trot out “the classic Democrat lie” that Republicans are “going to throw granny off the cliff” during his State of the Union address, it’s ridiculous for Biden to claim to be a supporter of seniors when seniors have been hurt the most by the rampant inflation under the Biden administration.

    Cruz stated, “[H]e demagogued on Republicans want to take away Social Security and Medicare. It’s the classic Democrat lie, they’re going to throw granny off the cliff. Again, the entire chamber — at least half the chamber began laughing because it’s fundamentally false. We should be strengthening and preserving Social Security and Medicare. But I’ll tell you, when Biden stood up and said, we’re going to stand up for seniors, there is no group in America who has been hurt more under Joe Biden than seniors with rampaging inflation, the cost of rent and food and electricity skyrocketing, seniors are getting hammered and their retirement has dropped 20 or 30%. For him suddenly to claim to be a champion of seniors is profoundly out of touch with the failures of his policies.”

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