Biden Border Crisis: Title 42 Expulsions Drop Dramatically


    Title 42, a measure that is used to expel illegal migrants who are coming from countries where communicable diseases are present, has been a target of the Biden administration. While President Biden has not yet been able to end the program altogether, with multiple court rulings upholding it, they have dramatically decreased the usage of the measure.

    A new report from FAIR reveals that the Biden administration “has reduced the program’s overall usage by more than 75 percent since taking office and exempted many classes of illegal crossers.”

    The report also explains that if the policy were to end, we could expect a surge of illegal entry attempts. FAIR notes that if the program ends, “apprehensions at the Southern border could reach up to 18,000 individuals daily – or more than 500,000 each month.”

    But the report reveals other concerning findings as well. The number of encounters with those on the terrorist watch list has also surged.

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    “The number of individuals listed on the federal Terrorist Screening Database who are apprehended between ports of entry has ballooned from around three in a typical year prior to the Biden administration, to nearly 100 in Fiscal Year 2022,” FAIR notes.

    In fact, FAIR states that the number of apprehensions of suspected terrorists is on track to surpass 150 in fiscal year 2023.

    The organization’s report also contends that “The first two years of President Joe Biden’s administration have ushered in a systematic dismantling of the American immigration enforcement system,” with many of the “positive changes made during the previous administration” being reversed.

    In fact, FAIR charges that the Biden administration “has launched new policies that encourage and even directly facilitate illegal immigration.”

    Spencer Lindquist is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SpencerLndqst and reach out at [email protected].

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