Masks Push Liberals Off Deep End


    The enraged and fearful Democrats wandering the streets of America are obsessed with enforcing mask mandates that they see as laws that are punishable by face bashing. The people that have bought into the mask lie are so fearful that they are willing to physically harm others who would dare to take their mask off their face or step out of the circle of social distancing.

    The zombie-like response of liberals attacking law-abiding citizens continues to make national headlines. Every America loving person that complies with the mandates and laws has suffered at the end of the fist by whacked-out liberals.

    In one case in a New York subway, three men verbally assaulted an Asian woman and then started punching her in the face. This attack came because she did not have a mask on her face. These men’s actions mirror what happens to a woman in an Islamic nation for failing to cover their faces with religious garments.

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    These attackers have fallen for the lie that tells people that a non-mask wearing person is spreading a deadly virus. If that were indeed the motive behind the attacks, then there would be no reason why anyone would want to come into contact with an infectious leper of society physically.

    The lack of common sense on the part of these men defies all logic. Their real intent was to promote their racial hatred towards this Asian woman that they saw as the means of their troubles in life. The sad part is that the men were not even wearing a mask as they attacked a helpless person.

    The more concerning issue comes at the hand of the people that want to engage in intelligent conversation with people wearing masks. The fearful liberals cannot even articulate why they are even breathing through the piece of cloth. They have even fallen for the lie that every person with cold-like symptoms is carrying the virus.

    Conversations that take place end up being a verbal assault on the one with information that would set faces free. But the liberals are so brainwashed into believing their governmental officials know best that they are not willing to stand up and fight for the right to breathe fresh air.

    These actions and more are a far cry from the patriots that denounced slavery and stood for the right to vote. Democrats today are content to have their freedoms stripped away from them one at a time. And before they even realize what has happened to them, they end up shackled to the system with no way out of their newfound prison.

    Even the flip-flopper Dr. Fauci has stated that asymptomatic people cannot spread the virus-like someone who is not can. One study after another has come out and proven that people cannot get sick from asymptomatic people. But even the facts are not enough to stop the abuse at the hands of the liberals who are brainwashed into believing the world is coming to an end soon.

    Even the World Health Organization has come out and stated that lockdowns are not necessary and asymptomatic people are not a threat. The liberals are so blinded by their version of urban legend-based truth that they cannot see the real truth if it was sitting on their laps.

    Truth tellers should beware that the insane left will never listen to reason unless their gods tell them that the virus is gone forever. They will continue to believe all the propaganda that is fed to them by the liberal media. They will react out of fear instead of using their heads and thinking for themselves.

    The era of whiny liberal panic attacks is in full swing. Those that dare speak out against the tyranny of the self-proclaimed mask police will undoubtedly find their faces being punched in by liars seeking to make a name for themselves in the urban legends of the day. The only thing that ordinary people can hope for is that someone strikes back and knocks some common sense into these people before they permanently hurt someone or end a life over the issue of not wearing a mask.

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