Elon Musk Rips Pentagon for DEI Tweet: ‘Your Strategic Imperative Is Defending the United States’


    The DOD tweeted on Saturday, “Diversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment. We were on site for the 2023 inaugural [Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] Summit as DEIA experts led forums to advance the DEIA and DoD mission — because our people matter.”

    Musk responded, “Your strategic imperative is defending the United States.”

    The summit, according to an earlier tweet, took place February 15-17, and featured “distinguished presenters, renowned experts in government, higher education, business, science, and technology.”

    It is not the first time Musk has rankled the Pentagon, but it is the first time he has taken aim at the Biden Pentagon’s wokeness.

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    House Republicans are aiming to eliminate costly DEI positions and programs at the DOD.

    Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), a Navy reservist and chairman of the House Armed Services Military Personnel Subcommittee, tweeted in response to DOD’s tweet:

    Banks has launched the Anti-Woke Caucus, aimed at defunding wokeness at the DOD. He wrote recently in the American Mind:

    House Republicans demand defunding wokeness at the Department of Defense and in our education system. Wokeness is especially prevalent and dangerous at universities and in primary schools because the Left recognized students as the most vulnerable and useful targets for indoctrination. The Left has also pushed wokeness in the military. We must wonder what the Left wants to do with an anti-American military? For generations Americans never had to think about the Founders’ warnings about the dangers to civil government by a standing army. This has become an immediate question.

    And earlier this year, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) proposed a bill to eliminate the positions of Chief Diversity Officer and Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion at the Pentagon, or any similar positions at the DOD, as Breitbart News first reported.

    The Biden administration has taken a number of steps to promote DEI, rooted in Marxism, at the DOD.

    Early on, the administration created the DOD’s first senior advisor to the defense secretary for diversity and inclusion, and established a “counter-extremism working group” that aimed to root out “extremism” at the DOD. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also ordered a force-wide day-long stand-down for all units to discuss “extremism.”

    After a year’s study, the working group found fewer than 100 instances of extremism in a force of 2.1 million.

    The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, which was created during the Obama administration, has a $6 million budget for 2023.

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