White House Withholds Requested Info About Biden’s Classified Doc Scandal Cover-Up


    In a letter obtained Tuesday by Breitbart News, the White House refused to provide the requested information to the committee’s investigation of the scandal, claiming it did not force the National Archives (NARA) to withhold a public statement on the scandal.

    “We made clear at the time that the White House did not ask NARA to withhold a statement,” Richard Sauber, special counsel to the president, replied March 17 to House Oversight Committee James Comer’s (R-KY) March 7 letter to White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients.

    Sauber’s claim comes after NARA General Counsel Gary Stern told Comer “someone outside of NARA withheld” the public statement from the public. Stern refused to disclose who exactly withheld the information per “DOJ guidance.”

    In Sauber’s response to Comer, he stonewalled the committee and suggested it seek “information from the relevant agencies in the first instance and request information from the White House thereafter only to the extent necessary.”

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    Biden’s Justice Department is unlikely to provide the committee documents due to its investigation of Biden for improperly handling classified materials.

    Sauber’s letter did not deny the White House possesses the right to be transparent with the American people and release the information withheld by the Biden administration.

    On Tuesday, Comer told Breitbart News that Biden has full authority to release the documents and become transparent with the American people.

    “The White House’s lack of transparency about President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is alarming. President Biden is free to release all communications related this matter, but he refuses to do so,” Comer said in a statement. “The Oversight Committee will continue to pursue transparency and accountability for the American people.”

    According to the New York Times, White House officials have been suspicious about how Biden’s classified document scandal was leaked to the press after only a select group of White House and Justice Department officials knew about the violation.

    At least two additional establishment media reports have recounted that Biden’s personal attorneys agreed to hide the scandal from the American people and likely did not plan to disclose the scandal until it was leaked on January 9, months after the initial trove was found by Biden’s personal attorney on November 2.

    The White House has not yet explained why or what caused the attorneys to search for the classified materials, despite Biden’s claims his administration has provided complete transparency.

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