GOP Rep. Comer: We Believe Tax Dollars Are Being Misspent with the DoJ’s ‘Weaponization’ to Go After Conservatives


    During Monday’s broadcast of FBN’s “Mornings with Maria,” Rep. James Comer (R-KY), the House Oversight Committee chairman, defended his committee’s effort to investigate alleged inappropriate conduct by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in its attempted prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

    Comer said it was congressional Republicans’ belief Department of Justice resources were still being used to go after Trump and other conservatives.

    “There is a two-tier system of justice in America,” he said. “You showed the clip with Jim Jordan earlier, talking about the differences in how Donald Trump is being treated for the apparent mishandling of classified documents versus Joe Biden. Donald Trump was cooperating with the National Archives, but yet, they still raided him. Joe Biden, we don’t know the true extent of what he has done. All we know is he has classified documents scattered all over the place dating back to his time as a U.S. Senator. There is one document, in particular, that I can tell you from my investigation of Biden’s family influence, we’re very concerned about with respect to a document that Hunter Biden sent to officials at Burisma in Ukraine. It was a government document.”

    “We’re concerned that it may have been one of the classified documents, but yet, no raid of Joe Biden’s class – his different locations of classified documents, and nothing on the website from the National Archives about Joe Biden,” Comer added. “If you just looked at the National Archives website, you would say they raided Donald Trump, but there is no mention of Joe Biden having five different locations. So, this is a trend that continues. We’re concerned about it. Maria, to answer your question, I think we’re going to have to do something about the funding. We believe that tax dollars are being misspent with the DoJ’s continued weaponization, their continued efforts to go after conservatives. Again, we don’t think that Donald Trump would be in Manhattan court today, were it not for him being a leading contender for the presidency in 2024.”

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