Bernie Sanders: Clarence Thomas Should Be Investigated by DOJ


    Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said Sunday on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki” that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should be investigated by the Department of Justice.

    Psaki said, “There were new revelations this week, about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his financial relationship with a billionaire Harlan Crow. Just this morning there’s even new reporting about some inaccuracies on his financial disclosure forms. Your colleague Sheldon Whitehouse is calling on the Department of Justice to investigate on Clarence Thomas for potential ethic violation. Do you back Senator Whitehouse’s call?”

    Sanders said, “I think that Senator Whitehouse is on the right track. The Supreme Court does not have to go along with the same type of ethics rules that members of Congress and other judges do at the time we ended that leniency for the Supreme Court. Some of what we are reading about in terms of Judge Thomas is really quite outrageous and I think it needs to be investigated.”

    Psaki said, “By the Department of Justice?”

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    Sanders said, “Yes, right.”

    Psaki said, “A number of colleague of yours in the House and in the Senate to have said he should be impeached. Do you think that if wrong doing is found he should be impeached?”

    Sanders said, “I think the first thing you want to do before you impeach somebody is investigate the situation, and I think that is what the Department of Justice should be doing.”

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