GOP Rep. Mace: The Amount of Evidence Against Hunter Biden ‘Is Ridiculous’


    Friday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) blasted the FBI and the Department of Justice for how it has handled the investigation into possible wrongdoing of the Biden family while attempting to indict former President Donald Trump for misdemeanors.

    The South Carolina lawmaker said her track record showed she wasn’t in the tank for Trump and asserted the amount of evidence against first son Hunter Biden was “ridiculous.”

    “I will tell you, this is, as you say, Sean — everything you said was a hundred percent true, and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” she said. “And here we have a DOJ and FBI, who are who are indicting Trump on misdemeanors and then will not investigate Biden for betraying his country. And I have to tell you, absolutely, no one can accuse me of being hyper-partisan or being in the tank for Donald Trump. But good lord, the amount of evidence, in this case, is ridiculous. They weren’t hiring Hunter Biden for his brains. They weren’t hiring certainly Hunter Biden for his brawn. They were hiring him to pay for access to the White House, and we see this pattern repeat itself over and over and over again.”

    “The reports that we saw at the Treasury would appear to be racketeering,” Mace added. “That comes to mind money laundering, wire fraud. Why were they able to enrich themselves with tens of millions of dollars, including as you say, a grandchild, nieces and nephews, current wives, ex-wives, a brother, a son, you name it, and the list goes on? That family tree is very, very big, and they made a lot of money off of Joe Biden.”

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