Adam Schiff to Be Fined $16 Million


    We’ve known since 2017, at the very latest, that California Representative Adam Schiff is about as slimy as they come. And now, he is finally about to face the music if Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna has anything to say about it.

    I mean, this is the man who led the charge against first-candidate, and then-President Donald Trump, claiming that his campaign had engaged in “collusion” with Russia to win the election and gain power. He even claimed that he had seen “more than circumstantial evidence” that Trump was in league with the Russians to cheat in 2016.

    And yet, since that day, no evidence has been found. In fact, it’s been proven that there was no evidence to find, as the whole thing was a massive hoax created by Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The latest nail in that coffin came from Special Counsel Durham, whose report came out last week and admitted that the whole “Russian collusion” thing was a farce.

    Now, Schiff is being called out for his major role in not only perpetrating those lies but making up no shortage of his own.

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    And according to Luna, it’s way past time for such.

    Last week, Luna called for Schiff to be expelled from Congress altogether for his lies. And this week, she’s digging in even further with an official motion to censure Schiff, as well as charge him a whopping $16 million fine.

    As she said, “The Durham Report makes clear that the Russian Collusion was a lie from day one, and Schiff knowingly used his position in an attempt to divide our country.”

    On Twitter, she promised to hold Schiff “ACCOUNTABLE for his actions,” starting with a “privileged motion to censure & a $16 million dollar fine (half the cost of the Russia hoax investigation).

    This will be a privileged motion to censure & a $16 million dollar fine (half the cost of the Russia hoax investigation) meaning I WILL bring this vote to the house floor. I will not back down from this and I, along with my Republican colleagues, look forward to holding Schiff…

    — Anna Paulina Luna (@realannapaulina) May 23, 2023

    According to the motion, Schiff “purposely deceived his Committee, Congress, and the American people.” And for that, he should pay dearly.

    She’s not wrong.

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