Nolte: 2024 Presidential Race – Old, White Democrats v. Young, Diverse GOP


    How about that?

    But now that the evil and desperate corporate media have declared any Republicans of any race, creed, or color a white supremacist, this discrepancy between the candidates suddenly doesn’t matter.

    On the Democrat side, we have… White guy Joe Biden, who turns 986 this year. White guy Robert Kennedy Jr., who just turned 69. White gal Marianne Williamson, who hits 71 next month.

    But on the Republican side, we have the youthful Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who will only be 45 this year. We have two black men: Tim Scott, who is only 57, and Larry Elder (71). Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is only 51 and an Indian-American. Finally, there’s Vivek Ramaswamy, who is a mere 37 and Indian-American.

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    Imagine this… Out of seven declared GOP candidates, only two–frontrunner and former President Donald Trump (76) and former Gov. Asa Hutchinson (72) –are old and white.

    Out of three declared Democrat candidates, 100 percent of them are old and white.

    Of the seven declared Republican candidates, only 28 percent are old and white.

    The average age of the declared Democrat field is 73.3 years old.

    The average age of the declared GOP field is 58.2 years old

    The fake media will never admit to it, but things are changing… The Democrat party is basically a corporatist party made up of fascist white ladies, perverts, child abusers, big business, millionaires, billionaires, joyless school teachers, student loan deadbeats, useless public union employees, Satanists, along with the lazy, neurotic, mentally ill, and addicted.

    The Republican party is now made up of normal people–the working class, families, the mentally stable, small business owners, and people who don’t want Democrats having sex with their kids. Those values cut across all racial, age, region, religion, and class lines.

    Yes, 2024 looks like it will end up being a battle between 81-year-old Biden and 76-year-old Trump, but the past is prologue. The Democrat party’s bench doesn’t have much to offer. Why else would the jackass party back a decrepit, credibly-accused sexual abuser and racist failure like Joe Biden? So the GOP future not only looks bright… It looks like–what’s the media saying? Oh, yeah, the future of the GOP looks (and behaves) like Normal America.

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