Target Realizes It Went Too Far Following Boycott


    Target has always been known to cater to the leftist agenda. They’re the first ones with Pride Week apparel. And when some Democrats demanded a gender-neutral section in department stores, Target was happy to comply.

    Recently, they took things too far. They launched not only LGBTQ pride products but also several queer and transgender designers. Some products were even advertised as being “tuck-friendly.”

    Considering that Target doesn’t have a large clothing section in any of its stores, it meant that they were focusing on appealing to the LGBT community more than anyone. And let’s remember that while the leftists pretend that it’s a significant population, it only accounts for less than 5 percent of the US population.

    Now, some Target stores chose to hide such merchandise at the back of the store rather than front and center – and this happened in many retail locations throughout the South.

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    Still, the advertising was loud and proud.

    It didn’t go over so well. There have been boycotts. And Twitter has gone after the retail chain vehemently.

    There’s a reason that there’s a saying out there – “Go woke, go broke.”

    Target quickly realized that their wokeness was going to lead to them going broke. The brand issued a statement that they would be pulling Pride products from their shelves – at least some of the products. They tried to pass it off as no big deal since, according to their statement, “For more than a decade, Target has offered an assortment of products aimed at celebrating Pride Month.” Sure – but this is the first time they took things too far.

    Maybe they’ve learned their lesson. We’ll know for sure when we see their product launch in time for Pride Week next year.

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