Nancy Pelosi is Mocked for National’s ‘Pride Night’ Involvement


    When we talk about celebrities performing some honorary function in a sporting event, no one ever expects the throw to be amazing, the basket to be made, or the kick to even come close to the goal. But former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lack of skill on the baseball field wasn’t the only reason she was mocked at a recent Washington Nationals game.

    Like many politicians and celebrities over the years, Pelosi was given the honor of throwing out the Tuesday game’s first pitch. And, as just about anyone could have predicted, it didn’t exactly go well. After all, the woman is 83 years old and has no experience with baseball or pitching on an athletic field.

    Nancy Pelosi throws out the first pitch to an empty stadium!

    — Karli Bonne’ (@KarliBonnita) June 7, 2023

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    But it was also noted that neither her appearance nor the reason she felt so honored to give the pitch seemed to garner much interest or applause.

    It’s important to point out here that this game was the National’s “Night Out,” a nod and celebration of “pride month.”

    When Pelosi was asked if she would throw the first pitch, she wholeheartedly accepted. In fact, she was rather excited to do it. It was the first time she’d been able to do the ceremonial first pitch. But also, it was “pride” night.

    She told the Associated Press, “But this tonight, (for) the LGBTQ, that was a whole different purpose, so I was very honored to do that and take whatever came my way.”

    Well, whatever came her way was a whole lot of nothing. At least during her time on the field because no one was even watching.

    And the crowd goes mild! Nancy Pelosi tosses the first pitch at the Washington Nationals Pride night in front of a crowd of about 15 people

    — Not the Bee (@Not_the_Bee) June 7, 2023

    According to Baseball Reference, a measly 24,743 sat in the stands of that National’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. While that number might be about average for this season’s Nats games, it’s only about half the amount that turned up last week for the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Was that because it was “pride” night? Or because Pelosi was in attendance? Either way, it’s not a good look for the liberal movement or the aging politician.

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