WH Chief of Staff is Quietly Calling for Help with Biden’s Campaign


    With 2024 and its presidential election drawing ever closer, things are heating up for Joe Biden. In the past few months, he’s come under more and more criticism, and for Biden’s staff, that means they had better be on their best behavior.

    In fact, according to an Axios report, Biden’s chief of staff, Jeff Zients, has even put out a memo asking that if members of the cabinet wish to end their affiliation with Biden any time soon that they do so now so as to avoid adding any confusion and mayhem to the already complicated election year.

    According to the report, Zients and the White House basically just want to ensure that no extra drama is achieved come 2024. So if any cabinet members wish to resign and leave their post, they should do so in a timely fashion.

    The drama I speak of, of course, would be that replacement cabinet members will need to be nominated, confirmed, and appointed, which, as we all know, can be rather touchy sometimes.

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    That is especially the case at present, with the Democratically led Senate only having the slightest of majorities. Currently, 48 Democrats hold Senate seats. Adding the three independents who caucus with the Democrats, they have just enough to tie the Republicans. Of course, vice president Kamala Harris gets the tie-breaking vote.

    But given the divisiveness of the Democratic Party, their slim majority may not be enough to ensure smooth or easy confirmations of new cabinet members. Hence the memo to leave sooner rather than later so Biden and his campaign can distance themselves from that mess as much as possible.

    Naturally, the fact that such a memo has been sent isn’t a good look for the incumbent president, as if the smallest mishap in staffing could amount to a disaster at the polls. Although, at this point, it most certainly could.

    With approval ratings now officially underwater, Biden’s battle to be reelected is already an uphill one.

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