The US Isn’t the Only One with an Immigration Problem


    Immigration is a problem – not just in the US but in many countries where they seem to have their lives together. With growing populations and many countries dealing with dictatorships, residents seem to go wherever they can in order to get away.

    It’s not that we’re not sympathetic to what some of the immigrants are dealing with, but there are right and wrong ways to go about moving to a new country. Showing up and simply trying to bust through the border would be the wrong way.

    Argentina is dealing with a very different immigration problem than we have in the US. Rather than having caravans of thousands break through their border to smuggle in drugs, they have thousands of Russian pregnant women ready to give birth flocking to the country.

    The South American nation has a law that is likely to bite them in the rear. If someone gives birth in Argentina, the newborn is automatically granted Argentine citizenship. It also creates a simple pathway to citizenship for both parents.

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    As a result of Russia invading Ukraine, Russians are scared – and many don’t want to deal with the economic situation, nor do they want to stress about what the leftist government is going to do next.

    So, they’re taking off to South America in hopes that things will be better.

    The question is, why Argentina? There are a few reasons.

    They heavily promote the industry of medical tourism.
    Care is inexpensive and high-quality.
    There are a lot of Russian-Spanish translation services.
    Argentina and Russia have an agreement to suppress visa requirements for one another.

    Many of the hospitals in Argentina have a “package” for $3,000 that includes tickets, lodging, and access to healthcare facilities for the birth of the child.

    It’s been estimated that at least 10,000 Russian pregnant women have come across the Argentine border since 2022.

    That’s a significant amount of immigration – and it’s going to mean a lot of new residents for the South American country, too.

    It’s likely that the liberals are taking notes. Just wait – if Biden stays in office for a second term, we’ll be offering packages to make it easier for pregnant women to give birth in the US and become instant citizens.

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