Senate Unanimously Votes to Directly Address Fetterman’s Misconduct


    If you’ve ever heard or seen Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman, you know he doesn’t look or sound like a senator. And apparently, the whole of the Upper Chamber agrees.

    You probably heard that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decided to relax the dress code last week, which only seemed to be a problem for Fetterman to adhere to. Instead of treating the Senate Floor and hallowed halls with respect and dignity, Fetterman constantly shows up in gym shorts and hoodies for work.

    The Senate has never really had a written dress code. However, it’s always been assumed that formal dresswear should be worn on the Senate Floor. Therefore, Fetterman’s usual attire might be okay for his own office and the back halls of the Capitol building, but they are genuinely frowned upon, for instance, when he either votes or speaks on the Senate Floor.

    But don’t worry, he figured out a workaround.

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    Rather than simply changing into a suit and tie like the rest of his male colleagues, he’s been known to stand in the doorway (in his gym shorts and hoodie), and when it’s time for him to vote, he pops his head in, says, his “aye,” and quickly ducks back out.

    But with Schumer’s sudden change in the unwritten dress code, Fetterman was allowed to wear whatever he wanted in full disrespect of the Senate and its history.

    Naturally, many of his colleagues didn’t take too kindly to that. And no, it wasn’t all Republicans.

    In fact, on Wednesday, the Senate UNANIMOUSLY passed an official dress code – ensuring that only formal dress would be allowed on the Senate Floor.

    Senate dress code is restored passing senate unanimously 2nite Thankfully Sen Schumer’s unprecedented decision was overruled by the will of the senate

    God bless COMMON SENSE

    — Chuck Grassley (@ChuckGrassley) September 27, 2023

    It is noted that for all of the Senate to vote in a manner, Schumer had to do an immediate about-face on the issue.

    Sorry about you, Fetterman.

    But at least common sense and respect will be intact on the Senate Floor.

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