Liberal Rep Becomes Unhinged During Impeachment Inquiry


    There are certain expectations that we have of the politicians that we elect into office.

    First, they follow the will of the people.

    Second, they remain calm and collected in every situation.

    Apparently, Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) didn’t get the memo. Instead, she decided to go wild during the first day of the impeachment inquiry.

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    The House Republicans began explaining the case for the inquiry. They also had various witnesses who would testify about the reason for an investigation.

    None of what the House Republicans were discussing was considered out of line.

    When it was Crockett’s turn to speak, she let loose that the president should NOT be investigated for anything that Hunter has done. According to her, the only thing Biden is guilty of is “loving his child unconditionally.”

    She went further by incredulously telling House Republicans that they should stop the inquiry in order to focus on other things.

    Crazy, right? It’s not as if the Democrats would have stopped an inquiry into Trump to focus on the better of the government. In fact, Democrats spent the better part of Donald Trump’s four-year term trying to get him out rather than improving the country for Americans.

    You can catch some of the drama here:

    Rep. Jasmine Crockett defending Joe Biden during impeachment inquiry proceedings.

    “[Joe Biden] has unfortunately been guilty of loving his child unconditionally, and that is the only evidence that they have brought forward.”

    — Jeff Charles, An Awful Pundit (@jeffcharlesjr) September 28, 2023

    Crockett and the rest of her Democratic friends are convinced that there’s absolutely no evidence (NONE!) that would warrant an impeachment inquiry. (That’s crap, by the way, and you can watch THIS VIDEO to see what evidence there really is).

    Now that she’s let loose and proven her undying allegiance to Biden, the inquiry will continue simply because Biden is corrupt and the American people deserve a POTUS who will actually put America first.

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