Biden Believes He Will Be Great But His Past Record Will Never Add Up


    Joe Biden believes that he is God’s gift to mankind. He walks around sniffing people in ways that would land others in jail. He parades himself as some kind of Pope that is gracing everyone that he comes around.

    And now it seems that he wants to erase Donald Trump’s name from the history books of the world as he sets out to erase everything that Trump has put in place to make America great again.

    The reversal of the policy that made America great only sets back the country to a time when it was not great. Biden has reset the clock to an era that was defined by Barack Obama. And somewhere in that mess, Biden thinks that he will do somehow greater things than anyone who has come before him.

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    No one has become great by copying the work of another person. The political plagiarism that Biden is committing is an unforgivable crime. If Biden wants to be greater than anyone before him, then he needs to leave Trump’s policies in place and build on them. Only then can Biden make claims that he added to the greatness of what it means to be an American.

    As much as Joe Biden Jr. may try and silence Trump’s greatness, he will never succeed. The truth behind Donald Trump’s term as president is that he was highly successful and honoring to the position.

    The man single-handedly brought promised reform while everyone around him attacked and accusing him of things that he was not doing. He was able to resist the pressures of lobbyists who have owned politicians for decades. And he stood up the most corrupt and vile political parties America has ever seen, namely the Democratic Party.

    America needed a man that could not be bought out by big money. President Trump was already a self-made billionaire, so he did not need any money. He even refused to be paid for the work he was doing, something no one has ever done before him.

    The plan that he promised was delivered. He stood in the way of politics and cut the red tape to make America great again. He lowered taxes and protected America from every angle imaginable.

    The border wall that President Trump built will be there for a long time. The only way Biden can erase that delivered promise is to take a torch and cut it down. Four hundred fifty-two miles of the wall was put in place. The rest of it will have to wait until another man that is willing to take up the torch can be found. Joe Biden was too cowardly to stand on his own two feet because he had to copy an age-old agenda to pattern his after.

    The claim to fame for President Trump is seen with how he saved America from the ravages of the China virus. The buildup of the economy was enough to weather the storm. And now that pandemic is coming to an end; the economy is booming forward. The only thing that could possibly hurt the economy now is what Biden is about to do.

    The greatness he seeks is not in undoing what President Trump has done. His ability, which is seriously lacking, will be found to unite the country and move forward. The problem he has is that over 75 million people do not believe he is the rightful president.

    The fraud and cheating that took place should have been one thing that he dealt with long ago. He should have opened the doors to investigators and demanded they find something. The problem is that he knew that they would know the truth and needed to keep it a secret.

    The past election completely mystifies the imagination. But it does point to cancer found within the Democratic Party. They are a group of liars that seek power and will do anything they can to get as much of it as they can.

    Biden has extremely big shoes to fill. His legacy will be marked as a shadow of a great man named Donald Trump. The 45th president will go down in history as the greatest president to serve since the founding fathers’ time.

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