Surprising Reason That Democrats Now Are Ending Lockdowns


    The Democratic Party’s hypocrisy continues to grow and abound as they reveal more of their lies that they have been pushing n the American people.

    For almost a year, they have lied about COVID-19 and the impact that it is having on the country. They continue to force people to lock themselves down and avoid others because of the fear that they push on everyone.

    The liberal states that have locked up their people still continue to have the worst infection rates compared to those that are freely opened. But now that the illegitimate Joe Biden has weaseled his way into the White House, those nasty liberals are opening their states up like the virus is miraculous gone.

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    The China virus does not just move out of the country just because a liberal nut job has taken power that does not belong to him. To them, the pandemic is just not worth the effort now that their man is in the White House.

    For the better part of a year, the liberals have ruined the lives of millions of people. They have taken away their jobs and homes because they were told to shut down their businesses. And as a result, they were forced out onto the streets.

    The two liberal leaders that are the worst liars are Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Andrew Cuomo. Their blatant lies were even exposed, but they still got away with murder. The Michigan high court ordered Whitmer that her laws were illegal, but that did not stop her. Andrew Cuomo deliberately infected the elderly with the hopes of thinning out his population.

    Both of these liars have decided that it was sufficient for restaurants and bars can open up. They act as if the virus suddenly walked out of their lives. Michigan was the worst-run state in the Union regarding the virus.

    They were told that they could not buy individual garden seeds because the seed might contain a virus. The socialist lockdowns were just the tip of the iceberg for the state.

    But now, all of a sudden, the states are opening at a fantastic rate. The restaurants can open up with 25 percent capacity but could not have more than 100 people in attendance.

    The reopening still has stupid liberal rules such as a 10 p.m. closure, and the tables must be six feet apart. And there certainly cannot have more than six people sitting together. They act as the table will get sick, and the seventh person will be the COVID carrier. The restaurants are also required to track their customers in the event of a breakout.

    Whitmer’s big mouth justifies her actions by stating that “The science around this virus is settled, and if we can all wear masks and be very smart about congregating, and not do it unless it’s necessary, washing our hands, doing that social distancing, we will be in a strong position in a few weeks. And we’ll be able to do more. That’s the hope but the reality of this moment is that wearing masks and being smart is going to have to be how we operate for quite a while.”

    Andrew Cuomo joins the ranks of insanity as he states that “We simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. We will have nothing left to open. We must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safely.”

    The confusing zones that Cuomo set up are finally going to dissipate. The restaurants will be able to open up with 50 percent capacity. Cuomo’s orders do not affect New York as they are subject to the insanity of another liberal that thinks he is God’s gift to humankind.

    The virus was used by the left to promote their socialist agenda. They used the death of thousands to get power and control over the financials of the country.

    Biden and Harris will be the one administration that will do down in history as the duo that destroyed a country and robbed an election. Professionals do not recommend the rules of COVID-19. But the liberals think that they know more than the professionals and make decisions that are harming people at an alarming rate.

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