AOC Reveals All in Apocalyptic Statements About Elections


    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one politician that many have a hard time taking seriously. Her selfish actions and near abusive tendencies have led many to question her motives and loyalties. Sher aligns with only those of a certain caliber and plan, which is anti-American and highly socialistic.

    The dark-hearted AOC does not like the Republican Party. Every time they introduce an excellent piece of legislation for the country, she is quick to oppose it.

    Even at the state level, she will fight and voice her damaging opinion. When several southern states wanted to change their election laws, she was one of many progressive cheaters that cried out in terror of the notion of having to present an id to vote. Something that happens in dozens of states all across the country.

    AOC and her comrades cannot handle change. They need things to remain the same to push their secretive plan of rigging future elections.

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    The Democratic Party can boast of high inflation and a border crisis like no other time in American history. And now that they have jumbled everything else, the AOC and her party are trying to change election laws to be forever in their favor.

    Ocasio-Cortez cannot seem to keep her big mouth shut about the secrets floating around in the demonic Democratic Party. They pushed for ballot drop-off locations in 2020, so they could engage in ballot harvesting and other suspicious actions.

    The AOC wants to ban ID laws and allow mail-in voting to become a usual way of casting votes. It is the only way the Democrats can hide their fraud and keep winning elections by cheating.

    They continue to cry about how unfair the current system is only to hide their true desires. AOC could not help but talk about it on national television. She loves to brag and say things that deep down she wishes could become law. She revealed that she would come down on her like a hammer once her party finds out what she revealed about the secret plans.

    The Democratic Party wants to have control and the final say over all elections moving forward. They want to do away with any roadblocks that would otherwise keep them from being able to change things in their favor. Ocasio-Cortez knows that many within her party cannot win elections without manipulating the rules to help them.

    At all levels of government, the liberals are attacking voting laws. They hide their changes under the COVID umbrella and are now hoping to make those changes permanent.

    The new bill that Pelosi wants to push through changes things to favor the liberals. She hollers that her belove HR1/S1 bill is a godsend for the American people. She claims that the bill will allow everyone to vote that wants to cast their choice.

    The truth about the matter is that there is nothing wrong with the current way of doing things. The Democrats, along with AOC, lied to the American people during the pandemic and made everyone believe that going to the ballot box was somehow going to kill thousands of people.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told the world that the Democrats want to change election laws so they can cheat for decades to come. Pelosi cannot be all that happy with the big mouth.

    But even with all of the support that Pelosi thinks she has in the House, There is a split in the Senate that keeps Biden from destroying the country. Joe Manchin is the thorn in the side of Biden that festers like an open wound.

    The president would love for his moderate Democrats to support him. But as long as he continues to align himself with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the moderates will never fall into line and support his radical ideas.

    The current election allows everyone that is of legal status and age the right to vote. They are laws that do not segregate or racially profile any one person. The lies that the Democrats are spewing about the current system are designed to get people to think that there is some corruption in the system that they must fix. The only problem with the election laws is that the Democrats are meddling with them.

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