We Love It! Trump Announces “Office of the Former President”


    President Trump has already made his first post-presidency decision and it is a big one. He is now opening up the “Office of the former President” and we cannot wait to see what happens next. This is his best chance of being able to carry on the legacy of his administration. He made the announcement on Telegram, where he is apparently posting his dispatches now.

    We would still be willing to bet that there will be a Trump-centered social media platform at some point but this is not something that can just be rolled out. Trump has done his best to recover in the wake of the stolen election as well. As most readers already know, he was very much on track to win when the big day.

    When he went to sleep that night, he thought that he had taken home the victory. By the time he woke up, a completely different picture had been painted. Biden swiped all of the votes he needed, in patterns that seemed to line up with each other. No one was willing to study what took place, though. They were fine with allowing the election to be stolen.

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    Anyone who expected Trump to go quietly once his term was over was not thinking clearly. He’s got big plans brewing. The courts cannot block the evidence of the election theft from being released and we are sure that there is going to be a forensic audit at some point. What happens when these measures produce the desired result for the embattled president?

    The future of United States elections depends on these measures being taken but Trump and his team are the only ones who seem to realize it. Fair elections are going to become a thing of the past if we do not allow justice to prevail here. People wanted a Biden presidency so badly that they were willing to allow all sorts of malfeasance to take place.

    Once it became clear that the mainstream media had no real interest in contesting the steal, everything else fell into place really easily. Evidence was suppressed. The American people got complacent. In a way, the pandemic did everything to help Biden. For starters, it kept him from having to do too much traveling.

    We all know how hard it is to get him out of the basement these days. In turn, this reduced the number of chances that he had to embarrass himself. This is something that is a bit harder to quantify but we also believe that the American people are simply too mentally exhausted to worry about the prolonged battle ahead of them.

    Maybe under normal circumstances, things would have been different. People would have had more vim and vigor when it comes to talking about this stuff. It’s easy to see how this year has drained the fight from a lot of Americans. There are still plenty of brave patriots in the meantime who are willing to take this battle on but there are many who are struggling with mental fatigue.

    Trump’s office plans on continuing the fight and we can’t wait to see what evidence is unearthed. The deep state may have thought that they were done with Trump but they have not seen anything yet. Once Trump is able to start holding rallies on a more regular basis, they are going to be in for it. He will be able to give people the mental boost that they need for the battle that lies ahead.

    From our perspective, it is just good to hear from Trump and know that he is doing fine. He obviously took the “loss” hard and did not want to be present when the presidency was stolen from him officially. If we had to guess, he is going to be back in 2024 and ready to continue working for all of the patriots that the rest of this country claims to care about.

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