Squad Praises Prison Violence and Shows Hatred for Police


    Cori Bush is the latest socialist to join the ranks of the American hating crowd led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These young women are one-sided in their thinking and believe that they can do whatever they want without having to answer for their actions. Bush makes all kinds of hateful statements against America and expects to be honored for her words.

    With the AOC applauding in the background, Bush decided that it would be a great idea to praise murderous prisoners. These felons rioted and trashed a prison because they had nothing better to do.

    Democrats love to politicize everything. In the same breath, she praises herself for voting to impeach President Trump for what she believes was a move to incite a riot. And at the same time, she praises killers for rioting and harming correctional officers.

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    Bush is a typical liberal that sees conservatives as her enemy and felons as her best friends. The guards at the prison in St. Louis, Missouri, have a different speech that they would love to talk about the riots that changed the way they do their jobs.

    For a known politician to praise such behavior goes against the ethics that each government member should have. The socialists in the House have no patriotic spirit. There is no love for the country. And no matter what happens to American citizens, these hateful socialist will always support the enemy.

    Bush’s vote to impeach Donald Trump is based on half-witted information. It is grounded in hatred that was fed to her by party lines. The Democratic Party operates in the same fashion as the Nazi party of Hitler’s time. They indoctrinate the youth so that they will do the bidding of their corrupt leaders.

    The inmates that Bush loves so much attacked an officer of corrections early in the morning. Their goal was to gain access to a control panel that controlled the doors and bars to other sections of the floor.

    Once they gained access to the panel, they were able to let 100 felons out of their cells. Bush assumes that had she been in prison, they would riot around her and leave her untouched. She does not realize that the prisons would have loved to have her there so they could take her hostage and make a deal for their benefit.

    Liberals are just like little kids that need to learn the hard way. It is not until they are the recipients of the violence that they need police officers. Bush would change her tune if she had been the one attacked at the prison.

    These felons set fire to the building and flooded the complex. They trashed one complete floor and busted out all of the windows. Nowhere in the media or around the country has such behavior been condemned. The loving violence media is silent except to brag about being one of the first to report on the news.

    Once again, the COVID-19 virus is being used as a reason to riot. But when health records are checked, it is discovered that no prisoner has been tested positive for the virus. They just were looking for a reason to riot and the liberals a reason to force correctional facilities to release their criminals.

    Bush tried to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to justify her stance. King would roll over in his grave if he ever heard what Bush stated. The lousy socialist called the felons her “constituents.” She condones their actions and would have even joined them had she been given a chance.

    To join such lawlessness is to hate everything that America stands for.

    Bush’s priorities belong behind bars with the felons. She would instead promote violence than stand up and be consistent. She blames Donald Trump for inciting violence and condemns it all, but in the same breath praises violence at another location. Bush is a fine example of a hypocrite.

    Bush would instead incite riots of their own than stand for law and order. But after all, that is what she has been taught as a child from her liberal overlords. She has been taught that it is ok to murder, cheat and steal as long as it does not happen to her.

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