There’s Your Hope! Most Americans Believe Economy Will Worsen Under Biden’s Failing “Leadership”


    A new poll shows that there a wide range of Americans who are not expecting the economy to bounce back at all under Biden. We are going to be very honest here. This is one of the least surprising polls that we have come across recently. Biden has barely been in office for a month and he is already taking away thousands of jobs.

    All it took was the stroke of a pen to vaporize employment opportunities for a sizable number of American workers. The good folks over at JP Media have more about Biden’s recent decision making and it is a good read. We have done the liberty of providing readers with the most important parts.

    “President Joe Biden has 36 executive orders under his belt, so Americans have had a quick glimpse into what’s in store for the next four years. The rapid changes in fundamental policies, such as energy policy, have felt like drinking from a firehose, and many Americans may not be aware of the costs of re-entering the Paris Accords.

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    However, even without a full understanding of how these policy changes will roll out, the mood of American adults does not seem all that rosy. Biden has yet to break into positive territory on Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll. Today, his favorability stands at a net -5, and it has dipped as low as -7 since his inauguration.

    These scores are astonishing given all of the nearly reverent coverage the administration and Biden family are getting from the corporate media. Biden had interviews before the Super Bowl and during halftime. White House press briefings have been no more challenging than the Super Bowl puff pieces.

    Despite the fawning press, late-night show hosts, and cultural elites, Americans do not seem to be convinced. In a new Rasmussen poll, 54% of American adults say the economy will worsen over the next 12 months or remain the same. Only 37% predict it will get stronger.

    Following President Trump’s inauguration, 50% reported thinking the economy would be better in a year, which was the highest number recorded by Rasmussen since the company started asking the question in 2009. Americans were correct four years ago. We can all hope they are wrong now,” their report reads.

    With all of this going on, it is no wonder that Biden is refusing to take questions. “Biden again refused to take questions after his speech on the economy yesterday. People are losing their jobs right now because of his executive orders, and they deserve answers,” says Ronna McDaniel. As a GOP chairwoman, she is putting the onus on the current president to offer the necessary answers.

    There is nothing that is being done by Biden right now that should inspire any confidence from the American people. Anyone who was swindled into voting for him has to feel like they were sold a bill of goods at this point. He promised everyone the sun, moon, and stars. Biden also pledged to serve as the great uniter, bringing America closer together after various divisions have ripped us apart.

    None of that is actually going to happen. All of the negativity that is currently taking place in America was created by the Democrats. The only people who are convinced of their effectiveness are the folks who hate all GOP members by virtue of existing. As for everyone who did not vote for this clown show? They are left holding the bag while the liberals rejoice at their good fortune.

    The polls say it all. Belief in Biden is at an all-time low. He pledged to hit the ground running in a number of facets and he’s been dawdling big time. To be fair, he probably would have had a more favorable rating if the stimulus checks had already been sent out. These checks are only going to buy him so much time and goodwill, though. This is something that he needs to bear in mind.

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